Shady Grove Rec Area Plan

Submitted by Sue Heller

Recently, the weather has allowed for Maintenance to start
working again on the Shady Grove Rec Area Plan that was developed by member,
Donna Scherer, and addresses the following issues:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Park like setting
  • Save healthy mature trees
  • Manage drainage area
  • High traffic area, manage pathways and parking

To date the following has been completed:

  • The retaining wall and hillside garden beside
    the pavilion is now ready for the Women’s Club to plant this May.
  • Swale work that was started several years ago to
    address erosion issues is now finished and the area is ready to be reseeded.
  • The border wall around the base of the message
    board and cannons has been replaced.
  • Trees that were either diseased or had dead,
    compromised canopies have been removed.

Projects needing completion:

  • Perimeter lighting installed on the west side of
    the rec area.
  • New plantings around the perimeter of Shady
  • Complete the re-grading for the dry creek bed to
    remove water.
  • Mulching of the area.

Please click on link to a PDF file of the plan.