Contributed by Ernie Clevinger

Due to the weather, the original date of May 20 for this year’s Annual Emerson-Greenholt Fishing Marathon was re-scheduled to June 3, 2017.

Photos courtesy of Steve Oakes.

What a beautiful day we had, but most of the fisher people were somewhere else.  The weather was sunny, and a little windy, with lake water temperature of 63 degrees.

We had a total of 41 anglers, of which 17 were kids.  They managed to bring to the weigh station 135 pounds of white perch.   Per our sampling, it took four fish to make a pound.  At four per pound, that equals about 540 fish that were caught.

The top three families were the Geesaman family (46 pounds), the Smith family (20 pounds), and the Hyde family (17 pounds).

Public enemy #1 White Perch


The Fishermen sport their medallions.



The Fishing Club paid $67.00 to the anglers for their day’s work (if you call fishing work). Not only were the kids paid, but each of them was presented a medallion that was paid for by the Lake and Dam Committee.

I would like to thank Bob Hood and Steve Oakes for doing the weighing, paying the anglers and presenting the kids with medallions.  I would like to thank our maintenance staff for disposing of the fish. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the families, especially the kids that participated in the marathon.  If you could not make it this year, keep it in mind for about the same time next year.