223 | New Area Code begins August 26, 2017

Contributed by Webmaster

The 717 area code region is getting an overlay, 223. The folks that issue telephone numbers in the Harrisburg, Lancaster and York metropolitan areas (that includes Gettysburg) are running out of numbers and they have added the 223 area code to create enough numbers to satisfy today’s needs. 717 has been around for a long time having been established in 1947. Its geographical coverage has shrunk conserably since its beginning. Other areas in Pennsylvania are experiencing this same growth and are getting their own overlays. An overlay is the same geographical area sharing two different numbers.

After August 26, you will have to dial 1 before either a 223 or 717 number. Interested in rading more about the overlay? There are lots of details on the Public Utility Commission’s website. Click on: http://www.puc.state.pa.us/about_puc/press_releases.aspx?ShowPR=3808