Contributed by Ernie Clevinger

Again, the weather was a major factor in determining the outcome for the  Emerson-Greenholt Fishing Marathon.  The day before we had 2 inches of rain.  Needless to say the lake was very high and the water was a little murky and lake water temperature dropped from 67 degrees to 61.   Again, the numbers were low.  We had a total of 23 anglers, of which 8 were kids.  They managed to bring to the weigh station 45 pounds of white perch.  The  majority of the fish was very small which tells me the spawning season has not started.   The top three families were the Geesaman family (16 pounds), the Felix family (10 pounds), and the Dugan family (6 pounds).

The catch of the day went to Violet Carr, daughter of Justin and Laura Carr, who caught a 22-inch 3 pound walleye at the Fishing Point.

The Fishing Club paid $20.50 to the anglers for their day’s work (if you call fishing work). Not only were the kids paid, but each of them was presented a medallion that was paid for by the Lake and Dam Committee.   I would like to thank Steve Oakes for assisting with the weighing, paying the anglers, and presenting the kids with medallions.  I would like to thank our maintenance staff for disposing of the fish.   I would like to thank all the families, especially the kids that participated in the marathon.  Due to the weather, we have decided to move the date to the first Saturday in June next year.  If you have any suggestions or comments, you can send me an email eclev020945@embarqmail.com.  Thanks and hope to see you next year.