COVID-19 Update – May 7th

by Ed Kushner, President of the LHPOA Board of Director and Safety/Security Operations Chair

Opening the Office:
It appears that our area will continue to be in the Red Phase when the Governor announces the gradual opening of the state plan on Friday. What that means for the office is no change until further notice.

Board of Directors/Committee meetings:
Due to the State of Emergency associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors (BOD) will participate in a remote Workshop and BOD meeting on May 13, 2020. To recap, the reorganization meeting was conducted remotely on March 31, 2020. Our annual meeting that was initially scheduled for April 10, 2020, was postponed to May 15, 2020, and subsequently postponed to September 25, 2020.

The BOD and committees have the capability to conduct business remotely. We cannot predict how long we are going to have to do virtual meetings. At the May 13th BOD workshop, Pete Vogel, Keith Ballantyne, and Stephanie Ecker will present technology options that are available to keep members informed of BOD and committee activities conducted remotely. Potential options could be making audio recordings available, live stream meetings, and possibly other options.

Committee chairpersons have been asked to keep calendars on both the Web and Portal updated regarding the status of upcoming committee meetings.

Opening the pool:
No decision has been made about opening the pool this season. This will also be discussed at the May 13th workshop. We are working to collect as much information as possible on what may be feasible during both the yellow and green phases of reopening Pennsylvania. The pool will not be open while Adams County remains in the Phase Red/Stay at Home Order.