A Gettysburg Christmas | Call for Volunteers

Contributed by Robert Lund, Chair of A Gettysburg Christmas


A brief description of the Festival:

On Saturday December 1, from 10 AM-9 PM, A Gettysburg Christmas Festival will encompass all of downtown Gettysburg with themed Christmas related regions. These include Victorian, Civil War, Colonial, Roaring 20s and Our Heritage (International) regions. Additionally there will be a Christmas in film, theater and the arts region. Merchants, businesses, civic organizations and residents are banding together to make this an incredible event. Over 100,000 people have expressed an interest in attending the event on Facebook alone! Please join us as a volunteer that day as we open our arms and put our best feet forward to welcome people to Gettysburg with the fullest of holiday spirits.

What we are saying to volunteers:

Thanks so much for offering to volunteer for A Gettysburg Christmas Festival on December 1. We are getting very excited about the Festival, as are the 10s of thousands of people interested in attending this event. We are so very grateful to all our volunteers.We ask that you fill out the following form so we can place you properly in our schedule. One hour, two hours or more are very much appreciated. Below the questionnaire are jobs we are seeking to fill.


Thanks again for offering and as we get closer to the event you will receive via email your final job description, location to park and other information allowing you to do a great job that day. Thanks so much! -Roger

Roger Lund, Chair – RogerLund17350@gmail.com
Kelly Knight, Volunteer Coordinator – knightinfoscience@gmail.com
A Gettysburg Christmas Festival | AGettysburgChristmasFestival.com