Adams Electric Cooperative Scam Alert

Reported by Ed Kushner, Security Committee

Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. Scam Alert…

You may be worried about higher energy costs, but beware con artists with unrealistic promises of how you can save on your energy bill. Remember, most of the time, if saving money on your electric bill never sounded so good, or it sounds too good to be true, it just may be.

To stop receiving telemarketing calls with offers from other EGS’s or that may involve a scam, add your number to the National and State Do Not Call lists.

New scams are always arising, but remember, Adams Electric will never contact you asking for personal information. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the co-op, hang up and call 888/232-6732 to verify that call. Additionally, all Adams Electric employees and co-op contractors carry IDs. If you are suspicious of someone on your property claiming to be from the co-op, ask to see their ID.

Fraudulent Calls
Pennsylvania Governor and former Attorney General Tom Corbett advises state residents to be aware of callers asking members to provide credit card or other financial account information and personally identifiable information.

“The sole purpose of these calls and messages is to convince unwary victims to reveal their account numbers and passwords so that thieves can steal money from their bank accounts or make large purchases with their credit cards,” Corbett said.

Please exercise caution when someone calls asking for personal information. If you receive a call from Adams Electric, or someone saying they are with Adams Electric, call 888/232-6732 to verify the call.
And remember, it is the co-op’s policy not to contact its members to solicit personal information. When account payment, collections or disconnect services do become necessary, the co-op will only ask to verify the last four digits of the social security number of an established member.

False Employees
You can never be too careful about who you let inside your home or business. Adams Electric is helping you take extra precautions so you have no doubts about who is on your property.
To confirm an individual is with Adams Electric, look for these signs:
• Adams Electric logo on clothing, hats, etc.
• Adams Electric logo on vehicles
• Adams Electric issued Photo ID

If after seeing the ID, if you are still unsure about the employee, you may contact Adams Electric toll-free at 888/232-6732.