Alert : Injured Adult Bald Eagle

Reported by Stephanie Ecker

Update 2/9/2017 in bold
Today’s eagle update…It appears the eagle managed to remove the trap, but appears to have difficulty walking.  Wildlife experts hate human intervention unless absolutely necessary, so the GC (Game Commission) wants confirmation of injury.  Road kill was brought in around the nest and game cameras were set up to observe her.  If necessary, they will pick her up.  With it being mating season, the male may freak out.  Sometimes it is best to let nature and time heal wounds. So, we wait until GC directs!

Volunteers from Rehabitat, Inc. and the PA Game Commission are searching for an injured adult bald eagle, photographed in the area with a trap attached to its leg and talons.  This eagle is seriously injured and not able to feed. If spotted, please call the PA Game Commission at 814-643-1831 immediately to dispatch trappers and get the raptor medical attention.  You may also contact a volunteer of Rehabitat Inc., Barbara Shaffer 717-894-4946 who can contact trained volunteers immediately via text.  Please see article below.  Time is of the essence!
It could be grounded due to weakness, in which case it will need immediate assistance from professionals.