An Invitation To Join the Technology and Communication Committee

Contributed by Peter Vogel, Chair, Technology and Communications Committee

Below is The Chairperson’s Report summarizing the Technology and Communication Committee’s latest meeting. If you find this kind of discussion compelling, why don’t you drop into our next meeting? It is a congenial, open minded, welcoming group whose purpose is to make Lake Heritage accessible to all of its members using a wide range of online tools and media.

Technology and Communications

Committee met on April 30, 2019. Agenda Items were:

  • Potential uses of eUnify for security, member communication, etc.
  • Improving Communication and misinformation via social media

eUnify: We talked at length about what it can do for security, It’s “Discussion” function.  Is it  similar to Facebook ? Can members interact with each other, the office and board?

Member concerns about eUnify:  Those include how secure is their information, and how many of our members are “Computer Savvy” enough to comfortably use the system.

Since then an on-line discussion with eUnify has been scheduled for the next Technology & Communications meeting for May 23, 2019 at 6:00PM.

We then moved on to improving member communications.  This included use of Social Media to answer member concerns, tell the members of events and community issues such as Lake water quality, pool closings etc. In addition using it to dispel rumors and inaccurate information.

Specific social media mentioned were the Lake Heritage Issues and Concerns (LHI&C) Facebook page and the new Next Door Lake Heritage website.  In discussion of LHI&C there was concerns about some posts which have been inaccurate and inflammatory.  It was pointed out that the board and office can dispel these by posting factual information.  Exactly how we would do this was talked over and that a plan would be made at a future meeting.

Since Communication has been added to our committee’s we are looking for members who have backgrounds in Communication, journalism, public information and public relations to join us. Send me an E Mail at  Look forward to talking with you!

Pete Vogel