Association Member Creates Drone Video of Lake Heritage

The video featured on this page was taken by Dan Hunter, a Lake Heritage Property Owner’s Association member since 2008. He was trained in drone photography as part of his work and received a remote pilot’s certification and became an active commercial “flyer”. Drone photography has numerous commercial uses such as aerial surveys, photogrammetry, and 3D surface model development. It has become part of the technology used in the environmental and hydrologic industry.

Dan filmed Lake Heritage to test the drone’s functionality. Lake Heritage was perfect for his test flight. This video was the fruit of an unplanned project but it is so impressive that Dan plans to create a shorter but more comprehensive video using Lake Heritage as his subject. Dan’s drone is a Phantom 4 quadcopter which flies with an altitude of between 150 to 300 feet. Essentially, this drone is a “flying camera”.

The association thanks Dan for sharing this project with us and eagerly await future projects.