Board of Directors Election Candidates : 2017

The 2017 Board of Directors’ Election is currently in play but time to vote is running out. There are eight candidates who are competing each of whom has expressed a desire to serve the community at the highest level in the association’s decision making process. Members have received a bio-sketch which the candidates have used to tell the community something about themselves and why they want to be elected for a three year term of office. Instructions on how to vote and the ballots themselves have also been mailed. If you have not voted yet, please do so. Ballots must be received by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 15.

Here are our candidates:


NAME: Beth Bauer
ADDRESS: 468 Heritage Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: After searching various parts of Adams County, my husband and I decided to make Gettysburg, and Lake Heritage in particular, our retirement home in 2013. We looked at “over-55” communities, but we wanted to be part of a vibrant, family community near our three children and 4 grandchildren. I feel we have found that at Lake Heritage.

I retired as a middle school language arts teacher after 20 years, but my working life has been varied. My first career was in accounting. I was employed for eight years by the Internal Revenue in the taxpayer service and collection division when I graduated from college. I then became a stay-at-home mother and had several part time jobs during that period of my life. I worked for a public accounting firm in our town, and I was the town library’s bookkeeper. When our youngest child reached school age, I returned to the full-time work force as a teacher. During those 20 years, I was a lead teacher and an active participant in our local teachers’ association / union. I held various positions including co-president for six years.

My experience in accounting and as union activist has the most significance in running for the LHPOA board. During both of those experiences, I was involved in analyzing and assessing financial situations. As a union president, I was involved in negotiation of contracts, labor issues, and regular board meetings

• BA from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.
• MA from Kean University, Union, NJ.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): Retirement has given me the time to pick and choose where I want to use my energy and experience. I am a volunteer at the National Park Visitor Center, at the Gettysburg Hospital and with the Literacy Council of Adams County. At the Literacy Council, I work with adult learners who want to pass the GED.

PLATFORM I am running for the Board because I believe people should be involved in their community. I commend the present board for their governance of the Lake community. The major problem facing the LHPOA board is the condition of the lake. I have been following the emails, attending board meetings, and following Lake Savers’ plan for the lake. There are other issues that the Board must attend to such as property maintenance, road work, and the pool complex.

We all moved to Lake Heritage to enjoy the lake, the sense of a small-town community, and the multi-generational family life. If elected, I look forward to working with the community and the Board to preserve and enhance this.

NAME: Stan Braun
ADDRESS: 930 Johnson Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: My wife Patti and our three boys and I have been Lake Heritage residents for the past three and a half years. We moved here from Wisconsin, first renting in the Lake for 18 months and then purchasing a foreclosed home, of which we fully remodeled, and now reside.

I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran that was able to transfer my Military training to the Civilian world through my work. For the last 13 years, have worked for a Local helicopter company. I started out as a field Mechanic for the first nine years. When the opportunity arose to transition to the corporate office as the Production Manager I accepted that position and the family and I discovered and moved into the Lake. Two years later I was promoted to the Director of Maintenance and have been doing that for the last two years. I love the challenges that my work offers and my ability to contribute to my company’s success.


INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): Fishing, boating, hunting, motorcycling.

PLATFORM: My family and I have enjoyed experiencing the life at the Lake. We have begun to know many different neighbors in the Lake community. We have attended quite a few of the Board Meetings in an effort to raise our personal awareness of our community. We helped with fund raising efforts to build a Dog Park, which also helped in getting to know the neighbors, and residents. We have enjoyed the Pancake breakfasts, summer kickoffs, fireworks, Regatta’s and Super Bowl parties.

I feel as though I can make a positive contribution with my professional knowledge of budgeting, logistics, maintenance and common sense. I am committed to serving this community, supporting great ideas, offering a fresh perspective and approach in an effort to help maintain the community and elevate everyone’s experiences and property values.

NAME: William J. Chantelau
ADDRESS: 765 Barlow Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: I have lived in the Lake Heritage community since 1993. I am currently serving on the Lake Heritage Board of Directors and have previously served as a member of the Board of Directors, 1996 to 1999, including serving as President of the Association. Served as an elected member of the Mount Joy Township Board of Supervisors, 2000 to 2010. Currently serving as a member of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, congregation council; also, am a prior member of the Adams County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors; and Land Conservancy of Adams County Board of Directors. Past president of the Adams County Association of Township Officials. Retired Colonel, US Army.

BBA, Hofstra University
MBA, The George Washington University.
Graduate of the US Army War College and the US Army Command and General Staff College.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): Retired. Volunteering in the community. Enjoying participating in the growth of my four grandchildren. Swimming and boating on our lake. Participation in the Lake Heritage Annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

PLATFORM Continue to focus on maintaining the superb quality of life we enjoy in our lake community. Ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of our lake community, including sustaining the health of our lake waters, as well as seeking ways to encourage association members to recognize their corporate responsibilities as members of the Lake Heritage Property Owners Association. To act in a fiscally responsible manner, recognizing that to maintain and sustain our common facilities requires a continuous funding stream coming only from the membership in the form of dues and assessments. To be accessible and receptive to member’s comments, concerns and suggestions.

NAME: Ernest C. Clevinger
ADDRESS: 726 Heritage Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Originally from Grundy, Virginia. Served in the U.S. Army from 1963-1967. Completed a tour of duty in Korea. Assigned to a missile battalion. Main duty was a personnel clerk. Married to Shirley Clevinger for 50 years. We have 2 children, Dr. Ernest Clevinger, Jr, who resides with his wife Erinn and 3 boys in New Brunswick, Canada; and Deborah Hines and her husband Paul and 3 boys who reside in Urbana, Md. Debbie is a high school biology teacher in Montgomery County, Md. We moved to Lake Heritage in 2006 from Upper Marlboro, Md. upon our retirement.

Served as the Regatta Land Commander for the past ten years. I am a member of the Adams County Allied Veterans Honor Guard, member of the American Legion Post 202, VFW Post 15, La Société Des 40 Hommes et 8 Che Vaux (better known as the 40 and 8), and AMVETS Post 172.

I have served on the board for six years as the Maintenance coordinator. This past year, chaired the committee that planned and coordinated the development of the dog park.

EDUCATION (OPTIONAL): Graduated from Grundy High School, Virginia in 1963. Joined the Army after High School. Took specialized training in the Army for Computer Operations. Upon my discharge, went to work for American Security and Trust Bank in Washington, D.C. as a computer operator. Enrolled in the IBM Education Center in Washington, D.C. taking classes in computer programming, analysis and design. Throughout my computer career, took many specialized classes in the computer field.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): Fishing, Hunting, Bowling, Golfing, Football (Redskins), Baseball (Washington Nationals), travel, carpentry, movies and dinner theaters.

PLATFORM: 1) Would work to ensure our dues are used to the wisest extent possible, and increase our capital reserves; 2) We all know, the lake is our number one asset for our community – would work to ensure the ecology of our lake is closely monitored; and (3) Would work toward making our community a better place to live, play and raise our families.

NAME: Phyllis French
ADDRESS: 85 Meade Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Retired teacher from Harford County Schools in Bel Air, MD. I taught for 34 years elementary and middle school. I held a two year term as president of the homeowners association in my previous community.

• BA Elementary Education Edinboro State College
• MA Elementary Education Johns Hopkins University.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): I enjoy biking, camping, hiking, community theater, singing, zumba dancing, tap dancing, and playing with my grandchildren.

PLATFORM: I want to continue to strive to make this community beautiful. The work has already started on common areas such as Shady Grove. All public areas need to be upgraded in appearance both with structures and grounds.

NAME: Tom Gary
ADDRESS: 634 Heritage Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Born and raised in Baltimore, served in the Maryland Army National Guard in a Nike Air Defense Battery, transferred to the Army reserve and completed Military service with the 2319 Advanced Marksmanship Unit, XXI Corps of the Second Army.

Relocated to Damascus, Maryland in 1970 to be located near my job as a Budget Analyst with the National Bureau of Standards (later NIST). Served as an Analyst, Budget Officer and Chief Financial Officer for a total of 35 years retiring in 2001. Defended Bureau budgets at Congressional Hearings and at the Office of Management and Budget as Budget Officer and CFO.

Married to Charlotte Gary, have two sons, three grandsons and a really sweet granddaughter.

EDUCATION (OPTIONAL): Graduated from The University of Maryland with degrees in Industrial Management and Business and have a Masters degree in Public Financial Management and Budgeting from the George Washington University. Certified as a Government Financial Manager by the American Association of Government Accountants

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): Still active in the shooting sports, including Skeet and Trap, enjoy fishing here at the lake and on the Potomac and Susquehanna and wherever there is enough water to launch a boat.

Dabble in wood and metal working, but take my car to a mechanic for repairs. Everything under the hood now is different from my ’53 Chevy and ’58 Triumph TR3 except the dipsticks and oil cap.

PLATFORM: Have served on the Board of Director for five years, the last two as Treasurer and have concentrated a good bit of time coming to grips with the financial demands of the State on the capacity of our Dam and now the quality of our lake water. If reelected, I would continue to concentrate on these issues with the appropriate Pennsylvania State Agencies and our elected State representatives and work with the Community Manager and the Board of Directors to develop responsible Budgets to deal with these issues, while continuing to respond to the needs of the entire community.

Best Regards.

NAME: Richard A. Ginnever
ADDRESS: 595 Grant Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: I am an Episcopal priest who retired from active ministry in late 2015, having purchased our home in the lake community in March of that year. I spent all of my 40 plus years in parish ministries in churches small and large, serving in New York, Florida, Louisiana and Maryland.

My wife Carolyn and I have been married for 47 years and have four children and five grandchildren, all of whom enjoy visiting us at our Grant Drive home.

My experience in running parishes during all those years includes a tremendous amount of meetings, committees, personnel issues and a knowledge of how to work with and support volunteers, the basis of our community life at Lake Heritage.

I presently serve on the Fines and Appeals Committee, appointed by the Board. My goal has been to support the rules and expectations of the Board, while always making an effort to improve community interaction.

EDUCATION (OPTIONAL): My education includes high school on Long Island, New York; college at the University of Miami, Florida; and seminary in Wisconsin. My life experience education covers people in the very best of times, as well as the worst moments in their lives. Being a priest teaches me to deal with people fairly, honestly and compassionately.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): One of the reasons we were interested in the Gettysburg area for our retirement was my great love for the history of the Civil War and particularly the battle here in July of 1863. I have also returned, in retirement, to a great love from my past, and that is gardening. Plans are already in motion to expand space needed for the grandchildren’s flowers and vegetables. I am greatly teased by my family and friends because I also love to use my riding mower and maintain the yards.

PLATFORM: I have always been one who believes in the success of following process. Given the rules and regulations of our community and the Board of Directors, if elected, I would work for a consistent and open evaluation for every decision. There is no doubt that the issue of the lake quality will demand much time from the Board in 2017, and the discussion, decisions and communications of the Board will require good listening skills and considerate conversation; I believe I am well trained and experienced in them both. Personally, I would like to see the Board consider plans for easing some of the congestion at the entrance gatehouse, specifically a second lane for community members only.

I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

NAME: Howard R. Hellyer
ADDRESS: 667 Grant Drive

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: My name is Howard R. Hellyer and I live at 667 Grant Drive. I have lived at Lake Heritage for 37 year with my wife Margaret (Peggy), and we have been married for 49 years. I have three grown children, Kathleen, Brenda and Brian.

I was in the US Army from 1965-1968 and served in Vietnam 1966-1967. I married my wife in Ft. Lee Virginia in 1967. I moved from New Jersey to Gettysburg in 1979. I was an LHPOA board member from 1984-1987, I was a security volunteer in the early 1980’s. I have been a heavy equipment technician, dealer service manager and in 2008 I started my own repair business until January 2016 when I retired.

I was a Deputy Conservation Officer with the PA Fish and Boat Commission for 30 years before I retired in 2013.


INTERESTS/HOBBIES (OPTIONAL): I am an avid fisherman and boater.

PLATFORM: I want to return to the Board of Directors because I am concerned about the community and the way our dues are handled. I worry about the lake condition and its health. I feel there needs to be more oversight on how our money is being spent.