Board of Directors’ Election process starts on December 1, 2018

Contributed by George Thorsen

The Board of Directors’ election kicks off in less than a month. Stan Braun will be the chair of the Nominating Committee pending Board approval and will monitor all aspects of the process. The perennial question is who can run for the board? The answer is uncomplicated.

“The Nominating Committee as per Article IV, Section 10 of the LHPOA by-laws is charged with soliciting not less than five (5) persons to be candidates for membership on the Board of Directors. The office of director is open to all association members “in good standing”. Each candidate submits a bio- sketch which allows the applicant to give the community some personal and impersonal data about themselves to act as a guide in the election process.”

There will be a post in the November’s Newsletter detailing the election process, the role of the Board of Directors in the Home Owners’ Association and how a candidate can get on the ballot. Many of the steps are done online and every attempt is made to provide the membership with a good understanding of who is running, what are their unique qualifications and why.

The entire electoral process from beginning to end takes five months. The election calendar is determined by the HOA Bylaws. If you are someone or you know of someone interested in serving our community, in the upcoming months, you will find a great deal of information concerning what are a director’s responsibilities, what do they do routinely, what are the challenges and the rewards.

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