Board of Directors’ Election Results 2019

Contributed by Webmaster

Left to right. Elizabeth Gomer, Justin Carr and Ed Kushner : These three candidates will become directors on April 1, 2019 at 7 pm in the Community Center.

The Board of Directors’ Election 2019 yielded three top vote getters. If you notice, I have refrained from saying winners because that would divide the six candidates between the winners and the losers and the candidates who were not among the top three are anything but losers. We as a Home Owners’ Association owe a debt of gratitude to all candidates. By offering to run, win or lose, they gave us a commitment of many, many hours of unpaid service to the community.

In a democratic process, you need multiple candidates all of whom bring different talents, strengths and ideas to the table. What is an election with one candidate for one office? What contributed greatly to the integrity, honesty and effectiveness of this election is that there was a slate of candidates and without all six, the election would have lacked the diversity of talent and opinion that is so vital to the democratic process. YOU HAD A CHOICE!

The three candidates who will occupy a position on the Board of Directors are the following in alphabetical order.

Justin Carr
Elizabeth Gomer
Ed Kushner

The directors elect will now take their place on the board once they take the oath of office at the Reorganization Meeting held in the LHPOA Community Center on April 1, 2019 at 7 p.m. The old board will essentially come to an end and the new board will assume office, committees and take charge of LHPOA’s governance.

A special thanks goes to the Nominating Committee composed of Stan Braun, chair, Tom Gary, Eric Meyer, Steve Oakes, Josh Main and Craig Dresser for working into the later part of the evening to get this job done carefully and expeditiously.

Lastly, Stephanie Ecker, our assistant community manager, must recognized as a critical member of the Nomination Committee. It is she who does half a dozen things that bring the election to fruition. Every scrap of paper used in the electoral process from printer to mailbox to tally was where it was because of her.