Boating Rules and Regulations

by Mike Hanson and Dan Tapper (June 2019 Newsletter)

Boating season is now upon us. Please take a few moments to read and familiarize yourself with the rules regarding boating practices on the lake. They are listed in your Rules and Regulations (Article X1) and cover both operational guidelines as well as safe operating practices. A condensed version of the boating rules is available at the office.

Patrol boat operators monitor the activities on the lake to enhance safety on the water. One area of boat patrol emphasis this year will be enforcing the “No Wake” areas of the lake, including the section north of the three buoys.

Please remember to travel in a counterclockwise direction, respect the no wake zones, and if pulling a person or object, make sure there is a capable spotter.

Do not stand or sit on the sides or backs of a fast-moving boat, go fast after sunset, propel non-powered boats against traffic outside no wake zones, nor swim beyond the no wake buoys.

2019 LHPOA boat sticker and lot number must be on your boat, including those stored in the boat parking and on canoe racks. It is to be placed anywhere from mid-point to stern of the boat/vessel.