Call for volunteers Thursday November 9

Contributed Phyllis French

Phyllis French has once again accepted the task of placing flags along Heritage Drive in commemoration of Veterans’ Day. She very much needs volunteers to meet with her on Thursday November 9 at 3 pm to pick up flags at the Shady Grove Pavilion. The flags are about 15 inches high and you need a spike or something long and sharp to prepare a hole in which to put the flags. Some use a battery powered electric drill which works just fine. You place the flags every 50 feet. Phyllis has broken Heritage Drive into sections illustrated on detailed maps so that each “flag placer” places 25 flags. It generally takes an hour tops to set up the flags. We return the flags to Phyllis on Sunday November 12th dropping the off at her house 85 Meade Drive in a big basket that Phyllis leaves on her porch.

Please send Phyllis the briefest message that you will help her.


Call or e-mail Phyllis French
443 243 5477