Community Yard Sale : Board of Directors President’s Message to Our Community

TO: Lake Heritage Residents
FROM: Board of Directors
DATE:  April 5, 2017
RE: Annual Yard Sale

The Board of Directors would like to explain to our residents the reasons for not granting approval for the Ski Club’s request to conduct what has become the annual yard sale.

Last year’s yard sale created several safety and security concerns that we had hoped would be corrected for the scheduled April 29th yard sale. First and foremost was the parking situation. As residents are quite aware, our streets were not built for parking. When vehicles park along Heritage Drive, normal traffic cannot flow in both directions safely. Because of our hilly terrain, it is possible that cars traveling in two directions with cars parked on one side of the road could cause a head-on collision or a car going into a swale to prevent an accident. Last year we experienced an emergency vehicle attempting to get to a resident’s home with great difficulty. A solution to this problem must be found before approval can be given.

The volume of vehicles entering our community by non-residents on the morning of the sale must also be improved upon. Last year we had so many cars, trucks and vans waiting at the gate to enter (at least 30 minutes before advertised start time) that traffic backed up to Route 97 and caused  problems for our residents trying to enter our community. A considerable number of these vehicles were bringing in items to be sold at friends’ yard sales. A solution to this situation must be found.

I could add additional examples, but I hope you understand that your Board’s number one concern is the safety and security of our residents.  The Ski Club’s request for an April 29 Yard Sale was denied but we are willing to meet with interested residents to develop a plan that can address our concerns. We believe it possible to put our collective minds together to solve these issues. The Ski Club is encouraged to provide the leadership with this event. Send me an email ( if you are willing to join us in an effort to plan for a future safe and secure community event.

Sylvan C. Hershey, President, LHPOA