COVID 19 Update 4/3/2020

Ed Kushner, President & Chairman, Safety & Security Committee

We are continually monitoring the information regarding COVID 19 issued from the Governor’s office to ensure that we are staying in compliance and for your safety. The latest revision was issued on April 1st.

Security and Maintenance
Governor Wolf’s latest revisions continue to list “Investigation and Security Services” and Services to Buildings and Dwellings – this category includes janitorial, pest control, and landscaping services” as “may continue physical activities”. Consequently, LHPOA Security and Maintenance will continue on the job.

Lake Office
We will continue to operate as we have been doing the past few weeks. The office will be open but closed to walk-ins. There will be one person physically in the office with the other two working from home. We have sought and received our attorney’s opinion that we are staying with the Governor’s guidelines. To further ensure that we are doing the correct thing, we have applied for an exemption and are awaiting the results.

Contractors doing residential-building are supposed to cease. However, emergency repairs are permitted. We are asking for your assistance in this area. If you are having new construction done (new garage, window replacements, new roof, etc.), tell your contractor to stop. If you have a need for emergency repairs, we strongly encourage you to let the gatehouse (717) 334-7301 know and identify who is coming to help you.

In addition, our gatehouse staff will ask commercial vehicles attempting to enter whether they have been complying with the Governor’s orders specific to COVID-19 mitigation regarding safety, social distancing, etc. Any “no” answers will be denied admittance.

Stay safe.