COVID 19 Update

by LHPOA Board of Directors

Due to the constantly evolving virus situation, we have decided to do the following:

Dues Payments

Payment Due Date – The deadline for payment of dues to avoid penalty has been extended from May 1st to July 1st. Dues received after July 1st will have the penalty added.

Deferred Payment Plan – The deadline for signing up for the Deferred Payment Plan has been extended from April 1st to June 1st. In addition, the due dates for the second and third payments have also been extended to August 1st and November 1st, respectively.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Member Meeting has been postponed to Friday, May 15th, provided the prohibition against large gathering has been lifted by then. The materials that you would normally receive at the annual meeting, such as committee reports, club reports, etc. will be made available on the originally scheduled date, April 10th. These materials will be made available in as many ways as possible: email blast with a link, in the portal, printed copy available from the office, etc.

We realize that the dates for the Deferred Payment Plan and the Annual Meeting are defined in the by-laws and are not normally subject to change. However, we are not dealing with “normal” and feel that it is more important to move past these dates for the good of the community, for everyone ‘s safety and to comply with Federal and State requests that we avoid large gathering.