Creativity Club | It’s time to get creative!

Contributed by Brian Sears

It’s time to get creative!

The first of our next projects is a wood carving adventure, with a special connection from me. About two score months ago, during a storm, a beautiful 90-foot black walnut tree fell behind my home After aging and cutting it up a bit, the wood is ready for creativity. The first picture shows the first batch of chunks – it will be first come first choice. Due to the restrictions on group meetings, the initial phase of this project requires us to take a piece home and do the initial carving work alone…Use any tools you have at home, with knives, files, and sandpaper critical to finishing. For those who prefer a different option, I have a few “blanks” that can be carved and sanded into kitchen utensils. (Pic 2)

If you want to carve a cool piece of wood, please let me know. The plan is to meet up after we carve at least part of our visions and actually meet in person to make the finishing touches.

The second project is a writing contest, with a further goal of a writer’s support group, under the auspices of the Creativity Club. I would love to hear any feedback – my thoughts are different genres, age categories (get younger community members interested), maybe partner with the new Kid’s Club….

The third project (ongoing and still unsuccessful) is to start a Creativity Club band – or vocal group. Send me a note if interested.

Thank you so much to all our loyal members, awesome guest artists, residents, and everyone who continues to support our little experiment in creativity. If you have any ideas for creative projects to explore, please send me a note.

Cheers and BSerious!