Digital Newsletter : Compelling Arguments in its Favor

The Association’s Newsletter is available online and has been available for quite some time. With rare exceptions it is online before it appears in your mail box. There is a growing trend to publish and distribute Home Owners Association Newsletters online. As with any changes, receiving paper Newsletters, will not be embraced and welcomed by all. Costs usually drive such decisions. The Newsletter’s content is collected, forwarded to a compiler (someone who puts it together using digital tools like Microsoft Publisher), printed and returned to the association for labeling, sorting and eventual mailing. Many would argue that the cost and labor savings of turning the monthly paper Newsletter into a digital publication makes sense.

There would be one or more brochure boxes to make a certain number of print Newsletters available for those who truly feel the need the touch and feel of paper.

Here are the contents of our December 2017 Newsletter.

Newsletter Information p. 2
Manager’s Corner p. 3
Assistant Manager’s Notes p. 3
Security Report p. 4
Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes p. 4
Upcoming Events p. 5
Announcements p. 6-7
Announcements p. 6-7
Financial Statement p. 8
Avoid Mialbox Damage p. 8
Snow Plowing p. 9
Rules and Regulations/Proposed Changes p. 10
Creaitvity Club p. 11
Women’s Club p. 12
Ski Club p. 12-13
Fishing Club p. 14-15
Advertisements p. 16-23
Association Calendar p. 24