The Bob Bates Dog Park is getting closer to fruition as fund raising has picked up markedly due to Ernie Clevinger and his committee’s efforts to make this dream a reality. Right now the committee is only a couple of thousand of dollars from breaking ground. The Lake Heritage Community has long had a “man’s best friend” relationship with the canine species and the existence of a park will only deepen this historical connection.


Helicopter01If you have not been following the Dog Park project, it started as a real grass roots movement initiated by dedicated dog lovers. The mission was to take unused association land and build a healthy and happy place to take their dogs who need exercise and crave socialization. The owners will supervise and are responsible for their dog’s off leash behavior. The dog’s ability to “run free” is beneficial both to the dog and its owner. The aim to to have a happier, healthier and less aggressive animal.

dog park

Right now in the pre-construction phase, Ernie and others are thinking “out of the box” to raise needed money. They are going to have a helicopter drop numbered golf balls into a circle with a flag in the center. Five players, those whose golf balls land closest to the flag in the circle, will split a 50-50 pot. For this occasion the Dog Park Committee is working with the Fishing Club in order to use a small games of chance permit. In other places it might not be possible to mix helicopters, fish, golf balls and dogs but nothing is impossible at Lake Heritage “for love of the dog”. Lake Heritage is joining the ever increasing number of forward thinking communities that provide this splendid facilities for dogs and owners. A mind blowing statistic is that more US families have dogs than children!

Ernie known in the past for his charitable bingo and super bowl betting customization has outdone himself with this one.

Please support this initiative and make the dirt fly. Buy your chance now. Read the sign and contact Ernie for details. 334-4167.