Bob Bates

Together WE can do this!!!
Please help our community raise the funds necessary to build the Lake Heritage Dog Park.

Lake Heritage Dog Park thanks YOU for your generous donation of:

 Bronze  – up to $25
 Silver – $26 to $100
 Gold – $101 to $500
 Platinum – $501 to $1000
 Diamond – $1001 +

We had a very positive meeting on June 20.  Casey Dougherty provided a document that she is working on for a grant from PetSafe Bark For Your Park to help build the park.  This is not guaranteed, but she will submit it. The sales of the Golf Balls are coming along at a steady pace.  The drop is scheduled for July 2, 1:00 PM at the ball field.  The committee will be paying kids, 12-under, 10 cents per ball that you pick up after the drop – bring your own bucket.  If you have not had the opportunity to purchase a few balls, please call one of the people listed on the flyer in the newsletter.  The car wash is still a go.  We need all the help we can get – kids that can spray water or wash a little are welcome.


See the flyer in the newsletter for complete details.  Dave Moore is working on a list of items that we need for the park – signs, bag dispensers, benches, walking path, etc.  We hope to be ready to construct the fence by mid-July.   We’ve raised $6,000 toward our goal of $7,200 to construct the park (fence).   Thanks to all who have made a donation.

Call Ernie Clevinger 334-4167 or Stan Braun 316-680-8202. Make your check payable to “LHPOA-Dog Park”.  Our NEXT MEETING WILL BE July 18 AT 7:00 PM in the Community Center.  Please come, we would LOVE your ideas and help!!!  Thank you!