Dog Park – Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Contributed by: The Dog Park committee coordinator – Ernie Clevinger


On schedule, just as we had planned, July 2 at approximately 1:20 P.M., a helicopter came from the

south of the lake flying at about 1000 feet over the trees. Its target was an American Flag waving on a

pole that had been anchored in the center of the sports field. The pay load on the helicopter was 600

golf balls, numbered from 1 – 600, to be dropped from about 200 feet over Old Glory. The pilot slowly

maneuvered the helicopter over Old Glory waving below. The pilot’s assistant pulled the rip cord and

out came the 600 golf balls, “Bulls-Eye”. Several of the golf balls hit Old Glory as if they had been shot

out of a gun at a few feet. As the balls hit the ground, they bounced like if hail balls were making

contact on a side walk. The 70 plus spectators cheered and clapped. The pilot’s and his assistant’s

mission was a huge success.


Now it was time for the judges, Dave Moore, Bill Smith, and Stan Braun, to move in and determine the

five balls closest to the pole, which would share in the prize money. For first place, it was easy, for the

ball was touching the pole. Upon looking at the number, it was 210, which was owned by Charlotte

Gary. Ball number 367, took second place and belong to Scotty Watt; third place was ball number 500

belonging to Kathy Miller; fourth place was ball number 72 belonging to Dave Glenn; and fifth place was

ball number 123 owned by Matt Verderame. The payout was 50% ($1,858) of the gross money collected

($3,716) from selling the golf balls. Eleven kids were paid 10 cents per ball ($60) for picking them up. A

special touching moment was when I gave $8.00 to 12-year- old Sean Herkowski for his effort in picking

up golf balls and he donated $4.00 of it back to the dog park.

I would like to thank Stan and his wife, Patti, for the hard work they did in coordinating this fund raiser.

Special thanks go out to Stan for coordinating the helicopter, pilot and the assistant for their part – at no

expense. Without them, we could not have dropped the golf balls from a helicopter. Thanks to Laura

and Keith Majeczki for selling the balls from her business “Designers Edge”. Last, but by no means least,

all the good people of our community who participated in this fund raiser by purchasing a few golf balls.

For without you, we would not have had the success that we had.


We now have reached our initial goal, $7,200, necessary to erect the fence and gates to build the “Bob

Bates Dog Park”. Over the next several days, members of the committee will be working on the

necessary steps to make the park come to life.