Dog Park Under Construction!

Contributed by Ernie Clevinger


Let’s move on to Phase II.

Thanks to the success of the Trivia Night, the Ball Drop, the Car Wash, donations, and support from the LHPOA, we are adequately funded to execute Phase I of the Dog Park Construction Plan.

When completed, Phase I will include fencing, signage, a Poop Management System (poop bag dispensers), and water piped to the park. We will need volunteers for various tasks, so if you would like to be part of the action, please give a call to Ernie Clevinger at 334-4167.

Phase II goals include adding benches and water dispensers for the dogs, also sandboxes and water pools. Phase III would add agility equipment for training performance dogs, and perhaps an extension of the park. All this is conceptual, but Phase I is a go.

Thanks to all who contributed in our fund raising. It was an amazing show of support and wide community involvement. The park will establish Lake Heritage as “dog-friendly” and surely be an additional positive factor in attracting people to live here.