Educators Use LHPOA Community Center : New equipment in Community Center

Contributed by Phyllis French

The teachers loved the soup. Here are four Women’s Club members with ladles in hand. From left to right, Karen Reed, Phyllis French, president, Karen Richard, and Judy Watt.

The retirement seminar for Pennsylvania teachers was held on Saturday, November 3rd. This is the Women’s club largest fundraiser. The club members serve a soup and salad lunch to teachers and guest speakers.  There were four delicious homemade soups to choose from. Dessert was a variety of homemade cookies. The event went off flawless due to the club members’ efforts and the organization of the two chairmen, Pat Thorsen and Sandy Howe.

Webmaster’s note:

Here is the salad being prepared in the Community Center’s kitchen. Did you know that there is a professional grade dishwasher that washed the soup bowls in a few minutes? From left to right we have Pat Thorsen, Valerie Shepherd and Sandy Howe.

The focus of this post is the use of our new media system in the large room of the community center. As is typical, the speakers brought the content of their talks in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Everything was set up so that they only had to put a USB drive into a LHPOA supplied laptop and off they went. All one hundred teachers we able to view the presentations with an unimpeded view of the screen. Our projector is now mounted in the ceiling and controls are in one corner of the kitchen. The speakers who were here last year were pleasantly surprised to find the new system which is head and shoulders above (literally) last year’s media cart with its web of cables and electric cords. Despite being a bright, shiny day, the projector delivered a clear, bright image on the screen when the curtains were drawn.

The presentation/media package which consists of ceiling mounted projector and surround sound audio came into play and enhanced the presenter’s performance and the audience’s experience. If you plan of renting the Community Center, please take note that there is new “stuff” in the Community Center and it is available to renters. The Community Center is one of the biggest bargains in the Gettysburg area. Not only do you have state of the art media but also a large, well-equipped kitchen and if wanted, a second smaller room for a small group within a lager group. The current contract form will tell you a lot about what an association member has to do to rent the Community Center. See:

The teachers are getting ready to listen to the first presenter whose PowerPoint is projected onto the screen.

If you are planning an indoors event and want the best and most reasonably priced venue, you need look no further. Call the office to see if it is available for your special event.