Emerson-Greenholt Fishing Marathon Postponed

Reported by Ernie Clevinger

Due to inclement weather Lake Heritage’s Emerson-Greenholt Family Fishing Marathon has been postponed and rescheduled for June 3, 2017.

White Perch is an invasive species which is targeted in the Fishing Marathon.

New Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Contest Rules and Regulations:

  1. Registration

No pre-registration necessary but get and re rules before fishing.

  1. Participation

Open to all lake property owners. Owners’ n resident family and friends are welcome, BUT the lot owner must be present at the weigh-in. Lot owners are responsible for all of their participants, whether family or guests. All Lake Heritage Property Owners’ Association Rules and Regulations must be observed.

  1. Weigh in procedure

2:00PM until 5 PM at Fishing Point (behind Community Center). You will need to present the lot owner’s name, lot number and names of participants.

  1. Weigh-in Procedure

Fish may be brought to be weighed plastic buckets (preferred), plastic bags or coolers. Fish may be weighed at the area and time specified in paragraph 4. F to be disposed of do not have to be kept cold.

  1. Acceptable Fish

Only White Perch may be brought in weigh-in. Further, only White Perch caught during the hours the tournament should be brought in for the weigh-in. Anyone bringing in fish caught outside the hours of the tournament hours will be Disqualified.

  1. Awards

Money (.50 cents per pound) and medals will be presented to children 16-under as you weigh-in.

  1. Tackle Rules

All fish must be caught on conventional fishing tackle with hooks and live or artificial bait. You must sup your own bait. Fish may not be netted out of lake, unless fish caught on a hook. The number of rods and hooks legal under PA laws are allowed.

  1. Licensing

All adults must have a PA fishing license. Any boy or girl 15 years old or younger does not need a PA fishing license. Anyone 16 years or older does need a PA fishing License.

  1. Penalties

Killing of wrong fish will be punishable by weight deduction before Reward. The weight reduction is 8-lbs. each wrong fish; cash equivalent of $4.00. As stated above fish not caught during the tournament hours should not turned in. If you do, you will be disqualified!

  1. Fish Retention

People desiring to keep the white perch to should keep them alive and cold or otherwise preserved. Bring them to weigh-in to be counted before gutting.

  1. Littering

Do not litter with any material including b containers and dead fish. Dead fish will be disposed of tournament officials.

  1. Fishing Areas

Everyone may fish from all public access are around the lake as well as from LHPOA registered boats containing all safety requirements mandated by PA law. Y may fish from private lots on the waterfront only with permission of the owners.

  1. Tournament End Time

The tournament is over at precisely 5:00 p.m.  You must be in line at the weigh-in station by 5:00 fish will not be weighed.


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