eUnify is up and running

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eUnify – the online portal that links together all community assets physical, financial and human!


Like many organizations the Lake Heritage Property owners association’s management evolved from a paper and pencil, typewriter and file cabinet management to computer hosted software. Several different software applications were called upon to perform various functions but none of them talked to one another. Lake Heritage, after an exhaustive study and interviewing process, selected eUnify to consolidate all of their applications and put them in one online basket. eUnify specializes in providing HOAs all of the tools for both employees and members to work and communicate efficiently and effectively. Because eUnify is the management product of choice of hundreds of HOAs, their costs are modified by economy of scale and an easy to remember figure is that it costs about $1 per month per member household to pay for this service. If you factor in the cost of the diverse applications and customized databases that it replaces. the cost falls below $1 per month per member family.

Back of the house vs. Front of the house

Perhaps to understand eUnify a handy metaphor to use is a restaurant. The back of the house is where the food is stored and prepared for the customers. The front of the house is what the customers see. They don’t see the vegetables being chopped, the pots and pans in constant motion, the chef plating the food, the meat sizzling in the oven, or the soup bubbling on the stove. The LHPOA office is the back of the house. In fact the application that they use to manage the association is a part of eUnify called uManage. uManage is a collection of related databases made usable and visible by uManage’s GUI (pronounced gooey, a graphical user interface). For example, when you send in your check with your yearly dues, a human inputs the dollar amount into one of the cells in one of the data bases using a customized interface. This is 21st century HOA management, a big relational database with the back of the house getting one set of tools and the front of the house, you, getting a different set of tools.

Since the office or back of the house gets to see uManage, unless you get a job for LHPOA, it is not such a big deal for us members.

Front of the House

Now the questions arises, what does the front of the house see? At the risk of complicating the already complicated, the front of the house has two doors or entry ways: a cell phone app (more about this later) or a browser window. In the year 2019 more people use their cell phones to conduct business than their laptops or desktops so the app is probably the most frequently point of entry and for that reason, let’s talk about the app.

Apps come in two flavors, one for Android and one for Apple. They are both available for free. You look for the eUnify app as you would any app by entering eUnify or CommunityLink. Next, you download and install. The app has a crisper and more visually appealing look than the browser. Below you will see a couple of photos of the app and what you will see if you install it to access information about your HOA related activities and finances. Of course, you will need a login which is provided by the office during office hours.

Well, if you can’t stand the thought of another app on your cell phone, eUnify is available by means of your browser. The members get to see a login screen if they click on or enter the URL (universal resource locator or internet address) of LHPOA’s password protected website. Here are some of the screens that you will see when you bring up the browser. Not every field is active as eUnify is itself evolving and expects to be able to populate these fields in months or years to come.

eUnify APP…sample images

The eUnify app is downloaded and installed on your Apple or Android cell phone like any other app. You can search for the app by using CommunityLink or eUnify.

Here is the login screen for eUnify. You must contact the office by email or phone during office hours to get your login information.
After you log in, you will find four folders: Account Info, Announcements, Documents and Calendar. Select and tap any of the folders. The contents will be quite intuitive. Not every function has been activated and some functions will become active as eUnify evolves in the future.

eUnify browser…sample images

This is the browser portal and login screen. Members have their unique login. Only the office can provide you with an eUnify login.
Once logged in, you will find tabs on the left hand side of the screen. Here is what you will see if you click the tab on Account Info.
Once logged in, this is what you will see when you click on My Profile. Needless to say, you will see your profile.

Problems, questions or suggestions? Contact us by using the web site’s contact form or phone the office at 717 334-7242.