Filamentous Algae Bloom | Communication from Lake Savers to Matt Verdirame


Thanks for the call today.  Here are some thoughts on what is happening on the lake and what we can do to respond.

It is not uncommon for lakes and ponds to experience a filamentous algae bloom (this is what you are seeing at the surface) in the early Spring. We are already impacting the Blue-Green Algae Growth in the lake which results in clearer water.  Since there are still plenty of nutrients in the lake, the filamentous (surface) algae get a chance to get started on the bottom where the nutrients are.

As it grows it releases from the bottom and forms a matt on the surface.  This could be a very short-term condition that will go away and not come back this season OR it could persist.  We will make a visit this week to collect some data and make an assessment.

Here are the short-term and long term options for this condition

Short Term Options

We are recommending waiting 10 days to 2 weeks from our visit before taking any action to see if the problem resolves itself.  If it does not get significantly better or gets worse, then we will be ready to take the following actions.

Option 1:

Biological Treatment.  We are investigating some natural bacterial and enzyme options to treat the issue.  This is preferred as it supports our larger strategy.  We will be gathering the information we need to price this option for the Community.

Option 2:

Chemical Treatment.  Lake Savers is fully licensed for herbicide/pesticide application in Pennsylvania. Amanda Wisner, our local director, will coordinate to make sure all necessary permits are in place.

The plan would be to execute one or a combination of these options in Mid-May once we have given the lake a chance to show us whether this is likely to be temporary or more persistent problem this season.

Long Term Options

The “muck” on the bottom in the shallow areas is what is feeding this growth.  As we treat the lake with the muck reducing bacteria and the aeration continues to work, this issue should be resolved as we get further into the program.

Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.  I expect to be on-site at Lake Heritage on Thursday of this week with my crew.

John Tucci