Fishing Club Features Thanksgiving Feast | November 9

Contributed by Steve Oakes

Not everyone appreciates a good turkey dinner!


We will be having our Fishing Club meeting this Friday, November 09, 2018. Social time starts at 6:00 with dinner at 6:30 and business meeting at 7:15. Theme for the evening is“THANKSGIVING”

Upcoming events to be aware of:

1)      Next meeting December 14, 2018.

2)      Hosts for our “November” meeting will be, Ruby & Bob Hood, Ernie & Shirley Clevinger, Gloria Wholey, Carol & Roy King, Helen & Bob Skapura.

3)      We will vote on the nominating committee recommendations for Fishing Club Officers for the 2019 & 20120 term and they are as follows:

4)      Steve Oakes, President; Craig Dresser, Vice President; Cindy & John Spinelli, Secretary; and, Ernie Clevinger, Treasurer.

5)      If you haven’t signed up to bring a Thanksgiving dish, please contact Ruby Hood at (717-339-0057).

Hosts for the December 14, 2018 FC Meeting will be, Debbie Royals & The Colonel, Phil Layne, Paul Schneeloch, Steve Oakes, Ze Wagner.

Total Attendance at our October FC meeting was 40 members/guests

Looking forward to all the delicious Thanksgiving dishes, see everyone Friday!

Best Regards,