Contributed by Dave Diehl

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope you had a happy and safe Christmas Season and made your New Year’s Resolutions including getting in better shape, staying healthy and losing a few of those festive Holiday pounds.

How good is you balance (I’m talking physical ability and not mental)?
Do you have the ability to focus and concentrate ?
How is your reaction time (how quickly do you react physically)?
Do you have good upper body and core strength
How is your flexibility?
Do you know how to relieve a leg cramp?

If you answered any of the above questions as “not so good” or “don’t know” and you would like to work on (and keep those resolutions), please consider joining our Thursday FUNnFITNESS class each week at 10 AM in the Community Center.

The program is a low impact exercise activity and works on the entire body starting with stretching and breathing routines. You will not be asked, or required, to do anything that you are not comfortable doing and many of the routines can be done while sitting.

The goal is to provide everyone with a better quality of life through fitness and no matter your ability (or physical limitations) we can help you. Did I mention the FUN portion of FUNnFITNESS? While getting fit we share stories and joke and laugh at ourselves (an especially the instructor) Our goal is to make it enjoyable and have fun while exercising.