Help Wanted : Part time Emergency Cleaner for the Community Center

Contributed by Justen Carr, Chair, Oversight Committee

Kitchen of the Lake Heritage Community Center

Lake Heritage is looking for one or more members who are willing to clean up the Community Center in the case of an emergency. This sometimes occurs when one or both of the rooms of the Community Center is rented and the renter does not clean up the facility or has left it in an unacceptable state . The work may involve washing dishes, putting away tables and chairs, mopping the floor, sweeping, placing trash bags in the proper receptacle, etc. In short, the emergency cleaner would have to restore the space to the condition in which the renter received it. The hours and days of this job are dependent upon the misuse of association property, specifically as outlined in the Contract Agreement of the Community Center.

Cleaning experience, flexibility and immediate availability are key factors in securing this job. The rate of pay will be $50 for the first hour or any fraction of the first hour and $25 for any additional hours or fractions of additional hours.

Please use the form below to apply for this job. Applications will be held in confidence.

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