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Boating Regulations
It is that time of year again. Please familiarize yourself with the boating
regulations. Patrol Boat Operators monitor the activities on the lake to
enhance safety on the water. A few reminders:
• Do:
o Travel in a counter clockwise direction
o Respect the “no Wake” zones, and
o If pulling a person or object, make sure there is a capable spotter.
• Do Not:
o Stand or sit on the sides or backs of a fast-moving boat
o Go fast after sunset
o Propel non-powered boats against traffic outside no wake zones
o Swim beyond the no wake buoys
2018 LHPOA Boat Sticker and lot number must be on your boat,
including those stored in the boat parking and on canoe racks. It is to
be placed anywhere from mid-point to stern of the boat/vessel
The kids are home from school. Please be extra careful on the roadways.
There are a lot people out and about walking, jogging, strolling babies, bike riding, etc. We always need to be conscious of driving too fast and paying attention to stop signs and pedestrians, but we need to be extra careful over the next several months. Drivers, please watch your speed and be careful of the pedestrians. Walkers, please walk facing the traffic so that you can see what is happening on the road.
Work Orders for Maintenance
If you notice something that needs repair, we want to know about it. The conditions around the community are reviewed on a regular basis, but we can still use your help when you see a potential problem. To deal with problems in a systematic way, we are using a work order system and ask that you use a work order to document your findings. You will find the work order form in the Frequently Used Forms section of the website or you may pick one up at the office.

Brush Drop-off
Brush drop-off dates for the remainder of the season are:
June 16 August 18
June 30 September 15
July 14 October 20
July 28 November 17
The time is 7:30 am to 1:45 pm. Don’t forget:
1. Limbs no larger the 3 inches in diameter
2. No grass clippings, no leaves, or garden cuttings (must be wood)
3. No lumber or plywood
4. No root clumps

• Rec Area Use with Kayaks/Canoes/Boats
• Pool Opening
Rec Area Use with Kayaks/Canoes/Boats:
Starting May 1st, the racks are available for use. Boats, this includes kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards (SUP), paddleboats, inflatable boats, etc., must have a current LHPOA sticker to be on our rec areas. This includes the storage racks and on the water itself. If canoes or kayaks are on the racks after May 1st without current stickers, they will be removed and locked in the maintenance area until you can arrange to pick them up.
The mooring cleats/rings that are on the rec areas are first come/first serve. This means that if you take your boat out for a spin, someone else may park in the spot you vacated. You cannot “hold” your spot with ropes, bumpers, etc. If we find this is happening, we will instruct Security to remove the items for storage in the maintenance area until you can arrange to pick them up.
For those that leave their paddleboats moored in the rec areas because they are not allowed to be stored on the canoe racks, please lend a hand to your neighbors that use the rec areas and place your paddleboat farther back in the cove where it is shallower. The paddleboats can navigate the shallower and narrower waters better than some other boats can.

Pool Updates
The pool opened on Saturday, May 26th and Jennefer reported the
opening was great without anything significant issues!
When you come to the pool this summer, you will notice a few changes. The biggest one being the new furniture! Folks coming to the pool this weekend, were happy with the new seating available. The other big change was the snack shack menu. There are now a few healthier choices along with the tried and true favorites. You can find, apple sauce, granola bars, veggie straws, frozen juice bars, 100% fruit juices and G2 Gatorades (lower in sugar than normal Gatorade).
Additional big news to report is the pool is fully staffed! We received a lot of last minute applicants who scrambled to get certified! Over the weekend a few were getting certified, so the staffing was tight but by Memorial Day it was completely staffed. Please welcome our new staff and say welcome back to the returning guards from last year, when you come to the pool this summer.

Abandoned Vehicle 0 Motor Vehicle Incidents 4
Animal 1 Property Damage 1
Assists 0 Radar Details 3
Curfew Violations 2 Sign Violations 0
Fire Calls 2 Law Enf. Responses 4
Hazardous Condition 0 Suspicious Vehicle/Person 3
Medical Calls 5 Patrol Mileage 1984
Misc. Incidents 10
Radar Speed Enforcement:
Radar speed enforcement was conducted three (3) times during the month
13 vehicles were recorded as traveling at speeds greater than 8 MPH over the posted speed limit
• 5 vehicles were registered to Residents
• 8 vehicles were logged in as a Visitor/Guest
Speed Warnings and Fines: 10 Warning Letters were issued:
• 2 to Residents
• 8 to Residents for the action of their Guests
3 Residents received Fines ranging from $50-$80 dollars 1st Offense 3 2nd Offense 0 3rd Offense 0 Comments:
It’s that time of year when boating activity quickly increases on the lake.
I wanted to bring to your attention boating violations that we see most often. Remember, you must travel in a counter-clockwise direction around the lake. The area between the shoreline and buoys 100’ off the shoreline is a “No Wake Zone” as are all our coves. Paddleboarders are required to have a “Readily Accessible” PFD (personal floatation device). Children 12 and under are required to wear a PFD whether on a boat, kayak or tube, as are ALL persons being towed (ski or tube). Speaking of tubes, the maximum number of people allowed in a tube while being towed is TWO. When the strobe light at the dam comes on at dusk, the entire lake becomes a No Wake Zone and running lights must be used. Remember that sailboats and boats propelled by hand or foot have the Right of Way over motor boats. Any watercraft (boat, kayak, paddleboard etc.) must have a current LHPOA sticker if it is in the lake or on Association property. Our Security staff is tasked with enforcing the boating Rules and Regulations and violations can result in fines. Enforcement is done both from our patrol boat as well as shoreline observations. The safety of all who use the lake is our top priority. Please see your Rules and Regulations for all boating, skiing and safety requirements and have a safe and enjoyable boating season!
Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Tapper
LHPOA Chief of Security Operations

Wanted: A used Sliding Board for the Dock Willing to pay a fair price. Call Roy and Linda Fauth 717 334-9417
BEST OFFER: Mohawk Canoe 2-seater; Seahawk Paddleboat 5 seater, canopy + off-road trailer. Call 301-924-3948.

Barbara Keyton, Longtime Board Member, Resigns
It was with sincere gratitude and sadness that the LHPOA Board of Directors voted to accept the resignation of Barbara Keyton at the last board meeting. Barbara tendered her resignation after 20 years of service to the Lake Heritage community. Barbara served in several positions including Board Secretary and Chair of the Beautification, Recreation and Community Center Oversight Committee.
In her letter to the Board, Barbara stated that her time on the Board was very rewarding and that she enjoyed working with the past and current Board. Barbara shared that she was proud of all that had been accomplished over the years as she surely has the right to be. She also expressed her thanks to all the committee members and volunteers she had the opportunity to work with over the years.
Barbara is a fine example of a selfless and dedicated Lake Heritage community member. She was involved in many improvements and changes around the Lake over the years. Most recently Barbara spearheaded the renovation of the Community Center.
Sue Heller, a candidate who ran in the last election, was appointed by the Board to complete the remainder of Barbara’s term.
Beth Bauer, President LHPOA Board of Directors

The time is 7:30 am to 1:45 pm.
The first drop off is March 24th and the dates for the remainder of the season:
May 19 August 18
June 16 September 15
June 30 October 20
July 14 November 17
June 28
Don’t forget:
1. Limbs no larger the 3 inches in diameter
2. No grass clippings, no leaves, or garden cuttings (must be wood)
3. No lumber or plywood
4. No root clumps

Lake Recreation Area Amenities Available to the Members: Pavilions with picnic tables and grills are located at lots 79, 89, 488, Community Center, and the Shady Grove (located at the front entrance). These areas may be reserved one (1) day per month through the office and there is no charge for the use of the pavilions.
• Shuffleboard, Basketball and Tennis Courts are located at the “point”.
o Shuffleboard Court: Two (2) deluxe continental sets (4 cues, 8 discs, scoreboard, carrier, set of rules etc…) are available for member use at the community center.
Contact the gatehouse at 334-7301 (7 days a week) to obtain access to the equipment.
o Basketball Court: Equipment provided by member.
o Tennis Court: Equipment provided by member. Gate key can be obtained at the gatehouse (7 days a week).
• Playgrounds: Lot 89 – swing set; Lot 488 – swing set, sliding board and jungle gym; the point – playground assembly and Shady Grove at front entrance – ark and swing set.
• Volleyball Courts: Located at Shady Grove and by the pool. Equipment provided by member.
• Horse Shoe Pits: Shady Grove. Set of horseshoes located at gatehouse (7 days per week).
• Dog Park: Lake View Complex
• Softball Field: Lake View Complex
• Boat Launch Ramp and Canoe Racks: Community Boat Launch Ramp is located at lot 222 Heritage Drive and the following locations contain racks for canoe storage:
o Lake View Complex–at dam
o Goose Cove–79 Heritage Dr.
o Paradise Cove–89 Meade Dr.
o Pleasanton–488 Heritage Dr.
o 762 Heritage Drive
o Meadow Lane –784 Heritage Dr.
o 222 Heritage Drive
Rules & Regulations: Curfew for all recreation areas is 12:00 midnight and lifted at sunup. “Guests must be accompanied by a property owner, their spouse, or members of their immediate family residing at the same address as the dues paying members” and assume responsibility for their guest’s activities.
Restrooms: Exterior restrooms are available at the Shady Grove Recreation Area and at the community center. Restrooms open at 7:00 A.M. and close at sunset.
Work Orders: If a member encounters a needed repair on any recreation area or common owned property, please fill out a “work order” at the office or on the LHPOA Website.

Still available for sale in the LHPOA Office!
LAKE HERITAGE HISTORY: Are you interested in history? Do you live in Lake Heritage? Here is your chance to read Our Lake Our Heritage Our History: The Story of Lake Heritage on Its 50th Anniversary.
This 160-page book was written and published by the 50th Anniversary Committee. This book breaks down the development of Lake Heritage from a Massachusetts’s real estate developer’s vision of an aqua-centric, rest and relaxation, vacation home community built on the shores of a man-made lake to a thriving year-round community within easy reach of major arteries connecting Gettysburg with Baltimore, Washington, and Harrisburg. You will not find a better synthesis of Lake Heritage trivia, trials, tribulations and triumphs than what can be found in this book. It’s written in an easy to read format and breaks down the lake’s history into decades and years.
As a supplement to the book, a DVD is also available!

Safety & Security Operations Committee
The Security Committee normally meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. in the small meeting room of the Community Center. However, the next Security Committee meeting is June 21st due to a scheduling conflict.
The current members of the Security Committee are:
• Ron Brown, BOD member & Committee Chair,
• Bill Chantelau, Committee Secretary
• Dan Tapper, Chief of Safety & Security Operations
• Mike Hanson, Community Manager
• Stephanie Ecker, Assistant Community Manager
• Ed Kushner, member
• Fred Schenker, member
• Tom Cipolli, member
• Maureen Follmer, member
The committee is always looking at speed reduction/calming methods and devices. There is a lot of traffic on our roadways but more so when the weather is nice. We have all ages driving, walking, riding and jogging. To make more people aware of their speed while driving, radar checks have been switched up a little bit. Patrol is doing radar checks at times that they would not normally be able to because of the purchase of a new camera to replace the old one that was getting quirky. Patrol can now do radar checks in low light conditions. We are also looking at various speed calming devices and more information is to come.
Dan Tapper planned a kid’s bicycle safety rodeo. The event allowed the kids to ride a course to test their skills while learning about bicycle safety, correct helmet fit, and correct bicycle fit. When the kids were finished running the course, they were able to visit with Trooper Myers, climb in his cruiser, turn on sirens/lights, and learn about the equipment he uses to do his job of protecting the community. Take a look at the picture from the event on page 15 and the video on the website.
To assist our Patrol staff and emergency responders, please have your house number displayed prominently as viewed from the street. Please make sure it is also well lit at night. As you may have noticed, the house numbers in this community are not always sequential. This is because they are the original lot numbers and are not by street as you would find in other communities. You can also obtain a green reflective directional sign that can be mounted on your mailbox. For information on how to purchase this sign from the Gettysburg Fire Department, download the form from our website or stop in the office.
Our monthly meeting covers various safety and security topics besides a few of the above. If you have a background in this area or would just like to contribute to your community, please contact a member of the Security Committee.

The Community Center is the hub of Lake Heritage’s indoor events and activities. It overlooks the lake and there is a deck to enhance its charm. It is a climate controlled, spacious, well-appointed, comfortable room with complete kitchen facilities that allow for large parties and gatherings of every type and description.
Enjoying the Community Center
Besides being used for Lake Heritage organizations such as the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Fishing Club, the Women’s Club, etc…, it is the perfect venue for weddings, family reunions, and events that often take place in spaces that accommodate up to 150 people (its capacity).
Features and Usage Requirements
• Specifically, for Lake Heritage Residents
• List of rental fees are available in the office
• Must be reserved in advance, at the Lake Heritage Office
• Full service kitchen
• Refrigerator, commercial stove, microwaves, ice-machine, and dishwasher
• Dishes and silverware available
• Round and rectangular banquet tables and chairs provided
• WIFI and Microphones
A small meeting room that can accommodate up to 40 people is also available to rent.

We need your help on Saturday June 9 to make Pennsylvania beautiful. The Road Cleanup sponsored by Lake Heritage needs your help on Saturday June 9 for our semi-monthly road cleanup. We will meet at 7:45 AM at the Shady Grove parking area then head out to the assigned area on the Baltimore Pike. Each 3 person crew will be asked to work a one-half mile span. Working together the cleanup takes less than one hour. Anything good you find you may keep! Garbage bags, gloves, orange vests, parking passes and after cleanup cookies will be provided. Come on out and help the community look good.
Contact Matt Verdirame at 717 253-0863 if you can help.

Pool News
Summer Season is just around the corner, and we all know what that means, the LHPOA Pool will be up and running in short order. If you have not heard by now, I would like to introduce the new Pool manager Jennefer Gallagher. Jennefer is a great addition to the LHPOA staff and she has some great ideas to aid in your summer activities and
enjoyment. Please say hello to her and many of the returning
lifeguards that are there for your safety and fun.
We are excited to inform you the pool have some new additions for your enjoyment. First of all, new furniture will allow you to relax in comfort and you will also have more shade provided by new umbrellas. Then as you are taking a break from the cool water on a hot day, you will be happy to know that there is now free Wi-Fi at the LHPOA pool and it offers members an easy, free, Internet connection. No password or login is required at this time. Also, this summer the pool has purchased some added games for the kids to provide a break from the heat, or when it rains. There is an assortment of games to play. Everything from board games, card games, cornhole, table tennis, and ring toss. So, come down to the pool to watch the kids play, conduct some business, grab some goodies at the Geedunk, and then jump in to cool down with a refreshing dip.
As the new Pool Committee chair, I’m asking residents interested in working on a pool committee to contact me at 316-680-8202. There has not been a pool committee in the past and I’m looking to see if there is a need to form one to better suit the community. So, with that, we will see you at the pool and have some relaxing fun throughout the summer heat.
Stanton Braun, Pool Committee Chair LHPOA Board of Directors

Regatta Committee
The Regatta committee thanks you for a fantastic Trivia Night turnout! It truly was a fun and entertaining evening! A big thank you to everyone who helped us make the evening a success, as well as all the wonderful silent auction donations.
As a sneak preview of this year’s Regatta, we added some new vendors to make this year even better! Below are the new vendors for Regatta 2018! We will have our usual food vendors, too.
Roy Pitz Brewing Company Kona Ice
The Van Go – Garryowen
Taqueria El Pariente – (Taco’s!)
We look forward to more fun events and seeing you at Regatta weekend!
Thank you,
The Regatta Committee.

New Playground to be Installed at The Point
At the May meeting, the Board approved the purchase and installation of new playground equipment for The Point. The cost of the purchase was included in the annual budget approved previously by the Board.
Over the past several months, Board members visited various playgrounds in the area and reached out to two representatives of companies producing playground equipment. The approved proposal is for two structures, one for 2-5 year olds, and another for 5-12 year olds. Both will be installed in the same area at The Point now occupied by the old structure. The new equipment is commercial grade and meets Federal consumer product safety standards. The maintenance department will remove all of the structures currently at The Point and ready the area for professional installation. The sand base will remain around the new playground. It is planned for the installation to be completed in early July.
The current playground at The Point was installed approximately twelve years ago. The equipment was donated by a family and is backyard quality. Although enjoyed by scores of Lake kids, the current playground has outlived its usefulness. Soon the kids will have a new playground!

Christmas Garland
Lake Heritage needs new Christmas garland for the front gate. The Women’s Club is asking the community to help pay for the garland. It will be pre-lit, commercial grade with a 25-year guarantee. The cost will be approximately $2,300.00. Please consider making a donation for this cause. Checks should be made out to Lake Heritage Women’s Club. with the word, “Garland” in the memo line. You can drop the check off, place in drop box, or mail it to the office. Thank you for your help.

Please follow the boating safety & skiing/towing guidelines of our Rules and Regulations. These rules protect not just the boater but riders, skiers, tubers, and swimmers too.
Section 2 Coast Guard & State Requirements
1. All boats operating on the Lake must have on board Coast Guard-approved (Type I, II, III, V) and serviceable Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) for each person. In addition, boats 16 feet and over must have a throwable device (Type IV) on board. PFDs MUST be worn by all persons being towed and sailboarders (windsurfers). Children 12 years of age and younger when underway on any boat 20 feet or less in length and all canoes and kayaks are required to wear a PFD (life jacket). (Operational)
2. Coast Guard regulations require an operable fire extinguisher in boats having any compartment (including the deck-bilge space) in which fuel fumes may collect. Whistles, horns, or other sound-producing devices are also required for all boats (audible for a half a mile). (Administrative)
3. Boats operating after sunset (when the dam light comes on) must have properly functioning Coast Guard-approved running lights. Implicit in the above is that these lights must be on! Boats operating after sunset (when the dam light comes on) shall not create any wake and are not allowed to exceed 5 mph. (Operational)
4. Boats must display an all-around anchor light when anchored or trolling at night. (Operational)
Section 3 Operating Restrictions
1. Boats operating within 100 feet of any shore-line, floats, docks, launching ramps, swimmers, downed towed persons or anchored, moored or drifting boats, or in any cove or inlet are limited to a slow minimum-height swell speed; one that creates no wake. The boat operator will be responsible for any damage or hazard caused by his wake. (Operational)
2. Between the buoys and the shore, no traffic patterns are established. Outside the buoy line, towards the center of the lake all boats must follow a counter clockwise traffic pattern; i.e. the nearest shore should always be on the boat operator’s right. This includes the “neck” end of the lake as well as the main body. The counter clockwise pattern must also be observed when dropping off skiers and tubers at docks and recreation areas. Do not follow behind a skier or persons being towed by a motor boat. Maintain a minimum of 100 feet. (Operational)
3. At all times sailboats under sail only and all hand and foot propelled craft have the right-of-way over motor boats. ALL BOATS MUST STAY WELL CLEAR OF SWIMMERS AT ALL TIMES. (Operational) Adopted 12/5/07
Section 4 Safety Restrictions
1. No person may swim more than 100 feet from shore unless accompanied by a boat. (Operational)
2. No standing or sitting on top of seat backs or side of boats in motion. (Operational)
3. Dangerous, negligent and/or reckless operation of boats will be grounds for the Board suspending membership privileges to the member. This means operating a watercraft in a manner that consciously, willfully and wantonly creates a substantial and unjustifiable risk to the safety of persons or property in, upon or along the waters of Lake Heritage. Involves gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable operator of watercraft should observe under the circumstances. A person who operates a boat in the manner described above may also be subjected to prosecution under the laws of the Commonwealth of PA. (Operational)
4. It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. (Operational)
5. Boating accidents must be reported by the boat operator to the PA Fish and Boat Commission when: (Administrative)
a. A person dies or disappears
b. A person is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first aid.
c. Damage to the boat and their property totals more than $500.
Section 5 Lake Contamination
1. No debris, trash or garbage is to be thrown into the lake. (Administrative)
2. No boats with toilet facilities are allowed on Lake Heritage. (Administrative)
3. There shall be no burning of leaves or any debris between the sea wall and the lake. (Administrative)
4. To facilitate annual inspection of docks and seawalls all waterfront lots must be numbered so as to be identifiable from the water. Numbers shall be no less than 3 inches in height. (Administrative)
Section 1 Operating Restrictions
1. The restricted size of Lake Heritage and the use of the lake for water skiing and towing of individuals place a heavy burden of responsibility for safety on all boat owners and towed individuals alike. When there are more than twelve boats with skiers or other towed person(s) in the main portion of the lake, members are advised to consider the safety hazard before adding themselves to the traffic problem.
2. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays water skiing hours will be between 9:00 A.M. and until the strobe light above the dam is on. (The 9 A.M. weekend and Holiday starting time is established for the benefit of early-morning fisherman, and to reduce the morning noise-level.) (Administrative)Adopted 3/5/2003
Section 2 Pattern of Operation
1. Boats towing more than two persons must be followed by a pick-up boat. (Operational)
2. No more than two skiers or other towed persons per boat will be allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays except by written approval of the Board of Directors (for Regatta, Special Events, etc.). (Operational).
3. Skiing and towing of other persons must be in a counter-clockwise pattern around the lake. In addition to the boat operator, a competent observer must be in the boat in a position to observe the progress of the person being towed. A competent observer is a person who has the ability to assess when a skier is in trouble, knows and understands the water skiing hand signals, and is capable of helping a skier. In addition, a competent observer must be at least 9 years of age. (Operational)
Section 3 Equipment
1. All skiers and persons being towed must wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (‘PFD’) Type I, II, III, V. (Operational)
2. Tow ropes shall be no longer than 80 feet. (Administrative)
3. Skiers or other persons being towed shall not swing out into the path of any boat. (Operational)
4. Trailing tow ropes present a hazard to other boats and skiers; all ropes must be retrieved into the boat except when making an immediate return to the dropped individual. (Operational)
5. All downed skiers or persons being towed must be retrieved immediately. (Operational)
Section 4 Safety Requirements
1. Any skier dropping a ski is responsible for any damage caused by that ski. Dropping a ski for the purpose of single-skiing in the main boat traffic pattern is prohibited. If dropping a ski, the skier should cut to the right of the boat (toward the shoreline) and drop the ski at approximately 100 feet from the shoreline (i.e. in line with the buoys). The patrol boat operator is authorized to pick up skis found in the main traffic pattern and issue a violation notice to the operator of the boat involved. (Operational)
2. Skiing within coves or inlets, picking-up or dropping-off skiers within 100 feet from any shoreline, dock or swimmer is prohibited. (Operational)
3. Skiers and all towed persons shall not come closer than 100 feet to any shore or dock while under power in the main part of the lake; i.e. south of the fishing pier. In the narrow end of the lake (i.e. north of the fishing pier) boats, skiers and towed persons must remain within the buoy marked channel. Towed U-turns are prohibited in this channel. Boat operator must observe the 100-foot rule at all times. (Operational)
4. The boat owner is responsible for the conduct and actions of the skiers and towed persons. Skiing or towing in a dangerous or reckless manner or under the influence of intoxicants will be grounds for the Patrol Boat operator or a designated representative to order the offender off the lake immediately for the remainder of that day. (Operational)
5. Debris and dropped skis can be hazardous to water skiers, towed persons and speeding boats. Boaters are encouraged to pick-up and remove any debris found floating in the lake. (Administrative)

Lake Heritage Swimming Lesson Registration Summer 2018
Registration begins on Saturday, June 2, 2018 for Lake Heritage Residents and on Saturday, June 16, 2018 for Non-Resident Guests.
Turn your forms in at the Pool Office. Make checks payable to LHPOA.
Lake Resident-Early Bird: $35 Lake Resident-Regular: $40 *Non-Resident Guests: $50
Session One – Saturday Mornings Session Two – Tuesday Evenings
June 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21, and 28 June 19, 26, July 10, 17, 24, and 31 (no class on July 4)
Ages 6-14: 8:55-9:25 am Ages 3-5: 9:30-10 am Ages 3-5: 6:40-7:10 pm Ages 6-14: 7:15-7:45 pm
Lake Resident Early Bird discount ends on Saturday, June 9th Lake Resident Early Bird discount ends on Tuesday, June 9th
Please use the following information to determine your child’s level:
Ages 3-5 Ages 6-14
Level Description Level Description
Angelfish Beginner, needs assistance with most skills. Dolphin Beginner, needs assistance with most skills.
Starfish Can float on front and back and swim independently for 20 feet with a floatation device. Can go under water. Lionfish Can float on front and back and swim on front and back independently for 20 feet. Can tread water for 1 minute and can jump into deep water.
Clownfish Can float on front and back and swim independently on front and back for 20 feet without a floatation device. Can jump into the pool independently. Marlin Can swim freestyle and backstroke for a distance of 25 meters.
Classes sizes will be limited. Register early!

April 2, 2018
Reminder: Special Orders Section appears on Agenda where members in good-standing can address the BOD for up-to five (5) minutes.
Submission of Agenda Items: none.
President’s Remarks: Thank you to the new candidates who will be sworn in shortly.
Legal Issues: none.
Special Orders: none.
LHPOA Community Manager’s Report: A copy of Mr. Hanson’s month to date report for March 2018 was provided to the board.
Secretary’s Report – Approve En Bloc – Agenda Items: A copy of Mrs. Keyton’s Secretary’s Report was provided to the board.
• Motion for En Bloc
Treasurer’s Report: Financial report were provided to the
board. Annual audit should be completed by May.
Unfinished Business: none
New Business: none
Committee Reports: Reports were submitted to the board for
review from the following committees-Finance. Others reported
List of Motions
• Motion approved for the following items En Bloc: Regular monthly BOD minutes for March 14, 2018
• Motion approved to adjourn.

April 2, 2018
Motion to Enter into Reorganization Meeting.
Appoint President Pro-Tem: Mr. Royals appoints President Pro-Tem – Richard Ginnever
Election Results Read to the Board: Election results were read – Stanton Braun, Michael Caywood and Peter Vogel. Oath of Office:
• Mr. Ginnever asked for the three (3) newly elected BOD Members, Mr. Braun, Mr. Caywood and Mr. Vogel, to raise their right hand and take the Oath of office.
• Retiring Board Member excused himself.
• New Board Members assumed their seats at the board table.
Elect President: Motion to nominate Mrs. Bauer approved. Elect Vice-President: Motion to nominate Mr. Ginnever approved.
Elect Treasurer: Motion to nominate Mr. Gary approved. Elect Secretary: Motion to nominate Mr. Clevinger approved. Filing Assumpsit Complaints: Motion to grant the Treasurer the authority to file Assumpsit Complaints for a one (1) year period approved.
Committee Chairmanship Appointments: The President appointed the following Board of Director’s members to chair the following committees and/or undertake the following responsibilities:
• Mr. Ginnever to chair Governance Committee.
• Mrs. Bauer to chair Strategic Planning Committee
• Mr. Gary, as Treasurer, to chair Finance and Fines/Violations Committees.
• Mrs. Keyton to chair Beautification, Recreation, and Community Center Oversight Committees.
• Mr. Braun to chair Pool/Pool House and Fireworks Committees
• Mr. Clevinger to chair Property Maintenance, Permits, Roads, and Dog Park Committees
• Mr. Brown to chair Security/Safety Operations Committee
• Mr. Caywood to chair Lake & Dam, Seawalls, and Waterfowl Control Committees
• Mr. Vogel to chair Technology Committee
• Special Events will be appointed on as needed basis Individuals Authorized to Sign Checks: Motion to authorize the four officers of the Board of Directors, the Community Manager, and the Assistant Community Manager to sign checks on behalf of LHPOA approved.
Individuals Authorized to File Legal Actions on Behalf of LHPOA: Motion to authorize the four officers of the Board of Directors, the Community Manager, and the Assistant Community Manager to file legal actions on behalf of LHPOA approved.
Motion to Appoint Accounting Firm for LHPOA: Motion to appoint Boles, Metzger, Brosius, & Emrick PC as the Accounting Firm for LHPOA approved.
Motion to Appoint Attorney for LHPOA: Motion to appoint John W. & John S. Phillips as Attorneys for LHPOA approved. Motion for the “Recognition of Clubs/Committees”: Motion to approve the following Clubs/Committees approved:
• Lake Heritage Bridge Club
• Lake Heritage Fishing Club
• Lake Heritage Ski Club
• Lake Heritage Swim Club
• Lake Heritage Women’s Club
• Creativity Club
• Regatta Committee
Motion to Appoint Fines Suspensions Review Board: Motion approved to appoint current members to remain. Motion to Establish Monthly BOD Meeting Night and Time: Motion establish the second Wednesday at 7pm as the monthly BOD Meeting Night and Time approved. Adjournment: Motion to Adjourn the Reorganization Meeting approved.

When it rains, where does the water go? Straight into the lake! How does this rush of fast moving water impact our environment and more importantly, our lake? Not as great as you may think! How can you help mother nature balance out the water and nutrients to be where they should be for an optimal ecosystem?
Stop in the office to pick up a booklet on storm water management by PA Department of Environmental Protection. It covers why you should manage the storm water and how you can do so. It covers simple methods that help, such as rain barrels, rain gardens, pervious pavers/asphalt, and dry wells. The booklet is available for free, so you can learn how to use simple techniques on your property that have a big impact on the environment and the health of the lake!
Available in the office Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. If you cannot get to the office during regular hours, send an email to admin@lakeheritage.org and request a copy. We can reply with the PDF version.

We are not having much luck with the weather for the Emerson-Greenholt Fishing Marathon. A day or two prior to our fishing date, the weather was in the high eighties. On May 5th, the day of our fishing marathon, the temperature started out in the low seventies, wind and a little rain came in dropping the temperature to the low sixties making the air feel like it was in the forties.
Again this year, the numbers were low. We had a total of 33 anglers, of which 22 were kids. They managed to bring to the weigh station 74 pounds of white perch. Per our sampling, it took five fish to make a pound – the fish were small this year. At five per pound, that equals to about 370 fish that were caught. The top three families were the Geesaman family (28 pounds), the Nester family (20 pounds), and the Gary family (10 pounds). The Fishing Club paid $37.00 to the anglers for their day of work (if you call fishing work). Not only were the kids paid, but each of them was presented a medallion that was paid for by the Lake and Dam Committee.
I would like to thank Bob Hood for helping with the weighing, paying the anglers and presenting the kids with medallions. I would like to thank our maintenance staff for disposing of the fish. Thanks go out to Tom Gary for providing the fishing prop for the pictures. I would like to thank all the families, especially the kids that participated in the marathon.
I have had a few comments that we might get a better turn out if we held the event on Sunday. If you have an opinion about Sunday, please let me know. You can call me at 717-334-4167 or email eclev020945@embarqmail.com. Thanks, and hope to see you next year!
Ernie Clevinger

Greetings from the Creativity Club! For our May meeting/activity, Mindy Simonsen was our guest artist and we all painted wineglasses. Thank you, Mindy! As seen in the pictures, everyone did a great job with some amazing pieces. Also, congratulations to Mindy on her recent engagement to Aaron. A lot of the folks who painted wineglasses were also present 10 days later when Aaron proposed on Mindy’s birthday – a major surprise and wonderful moment to witness.
For our June 12th meeting, we’ll be having Basket Night, beginning at 6:30 PM with Sociable Set-Up and the meeting/activity beginning at 7:00 PM, at the Community Center. Our activity leader will be Samantha Richards (Sam). Sam will show us all how to make a basket similar to the one pictured. Sam will have a number of baskets already started to make it easier for everyone to finish a basket. Attendees will also have an opportunity to win a basket.
We are still deciding what activity we should do for our July 12 meeting – send me any ideas you may have – we will make a final decision at the June meeting. Also, we would love to hear from anyone in the Community who has a creative interest or skill that you would like to share with the Lake Community as a guest speaker or activity leader. Please check our Creativity Club page on Facebook for the latest information on Club activities and for additional pictures of events.
We hope to see you in the future – send me a note at bpaul57@gmail.com to reserve a spot for Basket Night, to join the Club, to provide suggestions on future activities, or for more information about the Creativity Club.
Cheers! Brian Sears

Attendees totaling 53, including two new members and nine guests, made their way to the Fishing Club meeting on Friday, May 11th. The meeting was called to order by President Steve Oakes at 6:30 p.m. and thanked members for hosting the evening’s festivities: Lorraine & Art Edwards, Elaine & Len Ferrara, Phyllis & Brian French, and Charlotte & Tom Gary. The theme for the evening was “Celebrating Mothers!” in anticipation of celebrating Mother’s Day two days later. The Community Center’s Banquet Room was festively decorated with bouquets of beautiful spring flowers which were rather sparse at the April meeting due to cooler than normal temperatures.
Treasurer Bob Gough provided his monthly financial report, with the treasury balance totaling $10250 on April 30th with $1,373 set aside for the Veterans and Friends Initiative – leaving a balance of $8877 for club expenditures. Bob’s report was accepted by the membership. Since Secretary Dave Moulton’s minutes from the April meeting were included in the May LH Newsletter, he noted two brief items relevant only to club members and his minutes were accepted as reported in the LH Newsletter and during the meeting.
In partnership with the Women’s Club, Linda Griffin, Head of the Scholarship Committee, welcomed two of the scholarship award recipients, Nicholas Wallace and Samantha Rudisill, who were accompanied by family members. Nicholas is graduating from Gettysburg High School and will attend Gettysburg College this fall majoring in Physics. Samantha is graduating from Littlestown High School and will attend Virginia Tech this fall majoring in International Studies. Both recipients were presented Scholarship Certificates and associated checks will be forwarded to their schools at a later date. Due to a conflict, a third scholarship recipient, Joseph Pecaitis, was unable to attend the May meeting. He is graduating from Gettysburg High School and this fall will attend Penn State with a major in Mechanical Engineering. He will most likely be presented his certificate at the June meeting and associated checks will be forwarded to Penn State at a later date.
Ernie Clevinger informed members that the Emerson-Greenholt Family Fishing Tournament was held on May 5th between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Weather-wise, conditions were not ideal for such a typically enjoyable family event. Suffice it to say, however, the tournament was completed without any other issues. A total of 33 anglers participated, 370 white perch (74 pounds) were reeled in, and $37 was paid out and medallions presented to children.
The next road clean-up, with Ila and Matt Verdirame leading the project, will take place on June 2nd (Saturday). Individuals interested in participating in the clean-up should meet near the gatehouse at 8:15 a.m.
Phyllis French informed members that additional contributions have been made toward the purchase of replacement garlands near the entrance to Lake Heritage around the holidays. Residents should see details posted in the newsletter or on the lake’s website to submit a contribution.
Steve mentioned the next Fishing Club meeting is scheduled for June 8th and hosting will be Sandy & Greg Howe, Don Moul & Paulette Smith, Scotty & Judy Watt, and Gloria Wholey.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. Steve Oakes, Club President
Upcoming Special Event: Don’t forget to invite your families and friends to the Annual Pancake Breakfast on July 4th (Wednesday) from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m. in the Community Center Banquet Room.
Some of the hungry attendees. Scholarship awardees Nicholas Wallace and Samantha Rudisill with
President Steve Oakes and Linda Griffin, Scholarship Committee Chair
Full table of attendees. More attendees obviously enjoying the meal.
Last of the Moms moving through the serving line.
More attendees and lovely spring flowers. Attendees obviously enjoying the meal.


WHEN: J U LY 4, 20 18 (Wednesday)
TIME: 7:30 – 11:00A.M.
COST: $8.00 ADULTS, $4.00 AGES (6-10), 5-UNDER FREE
Agnes Reuter
Karen Reed

The Women’s Club was delighted with the speaker this month. Jackie White gave us an historical account of Fantasyland. The park was owned and operated by her parents from 1959 to 1980. Many members remembered the park and added their own stories.
Some of the topics during old business included the May 5th plant sale, Shady Grove landscape improvement, the very successful blood drive, our visit to the Highland School followed by lunch at a Tea Room in Chambersburg, and new Christmas garland for the front gate. Payment for the garland is being funded by community clubs and private donations. The cost is over $2000.00, and donations have reached $1,060.00.
Under new business topics Betsy Meyer discussed native plants that can be used in swales to trap debris and help clean up chemicals before they enter the lake. Agnes Reuter reported on the preparations for the annual pancake breakfast held on July 4. She asked for volunteers to help.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.
To new residents in Lake Heritage, the Women’s Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Center. Every month there is a guest speaker followed by a business meeting. Besides raising money for various causes, we also take trips to a variety of places. Every month there’s something new. Check us out if you can.

We play the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 7:00 PM to 10:00
PM in the Community Center
Each player pays Fifty Cents/night and we all bring and share snack
Call Roy and Linda Fauth at 717-334-9417 or 717-253-4373.
Players cover all levels from the beginners to those who remember
every card. Most of all it is a bunch of friends having a great excuse to
gather and enjoy an evening of fun.
Results of the most recent evenings:
May 4 May 18
1st Ed Rohrbach Ed Rohrbach
2nd Sandri Irwin Nina Dolly
3rd Paula Greenlee Jo Ruse
Note – sometimes there are more winners reported as the numbers of tables on a specific night increase.