Lake and Dam, Waterfowl Control Report – October 11, 2017


Lake Savers came back to do a final treatment for this year the week of September 18. They applied 18,000 gallons of product to the lake. The lake continues to be clear although some green algae has shown up in the coves and north end recently. We are keeping an eye on it.

They floating Islands of Water Hyacinths continue to grow well. Due to the extended warm weather will be removing all the plants probably late October and composting them at that time away from the lake. The compost area will be back by the fence near the dog park.

water hyacinth

The swim platform will be moved to its’ winter location late in October.

Buoys are holding up, we need more for next year. It looks like one has been cut in half and the top part is nowhere to be found. Perhaps a new barroom decoration?

The fish survey has been completed; the fish are looking good and healthy. We are looking to stock Small Mouth Bass (if available), Walleye, and/or Hybrid Stripers. We have $4,000 for stocking this year thanks to the generosity of the fishing club which is contributing $2,500. {For comparison see Fish Survey 2016.}


Waterfowl seem to be under control. Even though there are ducks, geese, and cormorants here the numbers are not high.
Rocks have been placed in some runs and streams to filter and/or slow runoff, a few more areas are under consideration.


My wife and I will again be spending the winter in Henderson, NV Again, I will be asking for a leave of absence at the November meeting for December through March.