Lake Condition Update June 23, 2016

Contributed by Matt Verdirame – Lake and Dam Chair

The men from Lake Savers arrived here on Tuesday to begin work on installing the filter socks at the most active runoff areas of the lake which included Plum Run, Pleasant Run, and the boat launch area.  They spent most of the day on Tuesday filling the 20 foot long filter socks with a combination of materials consisting of activated charcoal, limestone, and a substance developed by Lake Savers to neutralize nitrogen and phosphorus.


Water flowing into Lake Heritage at Pleasant Cove

These filter socks were placed so that during normal flow the incoming waters will pass through the material and be filtered before it enters the lake.  At the same time the heavy socks (up to 800 pounds each) will form a dam to slow the inflow so it will drop out sediment which also contains nutrients.  During high flows the water will pass over the socks and not cause backups.  During these high flows the socks do continue to filter and slow the waters.  We are confident that these socks will help in the long term to the abate the inflow of sediment and nutrients.  They will be finishing this phase of lake reparation on Friday.

Sock placed at Plum Run (near Hanover Road bridge) filters water before it enters the lake. Plum Run is a major source of lake water.

As far as the significant amounts of green filamentous algae and small amounts of blue-green algae that we have been experiencing lately, we have a plan for that.  Because the amount has been reducing over the last few days we are going to wait and observe the algae over the weekend then on Wednesday Lake Savers will be back to treat the lake with a biologically based algaecide to help reduce the amounts.  At this time if there are still significant amounts of algae in the lake they will physically remove the stuff from the surface.  Next week they will also be bringing an Airflow device to place in the cove by community area 762 so we may determine the effectiveness of the unit.  If the unit proves effective we will then determine if we want to invest in more units for other coves.  This Airflow unit is being provided to us for one year at no cost except for the electricity to run it.
I will continue to provide updates as things progress.