Lake Conditions : Update 8/6/2016

Reported by Mike Hanson, Community Manager

Following the treatment of the lake last week, water samples were taken on Monday August 1st, and we have received those results. The good news is that the open water, where the algae is more dispersed, continues to be at normal/safe levels. However, areas where the algae are concentrated, while somewhat improved, continue have very high levels of microsytin. These areas are most likely in the coves or in and around the docks. For these areas, we continue to recommend the following:

· No swimming or contact with the water in the shallow areas or where the algae is dense

· Keep small children (under 40 lbs.) and dogs out of the water, and

· Do not eat fish caught in the lake.

The lake will not be closed. Boating, water skiing, and fishing should not be a problem, but caution should be exercised.

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