Lake Heritage Fishing Club Takes the Pledge

Reported by Webmaster

The Fishing Club participated in Channel ABC27’s Pledge of Allegiance at its monthly meeting held on August 11, 2017. The Fishing Club, mostly unrelated to fish other than what one would expect in a tuna casserole, is geared toward socializing and fund raising for various Lake Heritage charitable and supportive initiatives such as granting scholarships, donating to our local fire stations, stocking the lake with fishlings and gifting to the annual Regatta fireworks display.

Joe Richard, a videographer and long time association member, had the idea to throw the Fishing Club’s hat into the ring with other worthy organizations to present our pledge among the many shown by ABC27 at the beginning of their broadcast day.

Well, that day has come and gone and those ABC27 viewers, insomniacs and early risers got their treat. Interested? Here is Lake Heritage’s very own crew giving the Stars and Stripes their best effort.


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