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One of the pleasures of living in Lake Heritage is its proximity to Gettysburg and the many exciting activities that take place here. If you make a right turn onto Baltimore Pike (Route 97), you are about ten minutes from Gettysburg’s central historical district. While Gettysburg’s social life is seasonal, there is never a lack of things to do and places to see. In the high season, from April until mid-November, there is simply more activity.

The Air Force Brass Band plays in the Chapel on June 11, 2018. See website for the remaining seven concerts. Link below.

One very enjoyable event is Music, Gettysburg, a decade’s old musical art program to bring a wide range of music within our reach. Generally, performances take place at the Chapel located on the grounds of the United Lutheran Seminary, a very attractive building with near perfect acoustics. From now until September 9, 2018, there will be seven concerts. Admission is free but there are collections of the “pass the plate variety” to support the program. Some concerts take place out of doors near the chapel.

At any concert, you will see a sprinkling of Lake Heritage residents. The purpose of this post is to spread the word that wonderful musical experiences await you no more than ten minutes from the LHPOA gatehouse.

Contach information is as follows:
Phone: 717 339-1334