Lake Heritage Status : September 24, 2017


This has been a busy couple of weeks here at the lake. The fish survey was done two weeks ago by Aquatic Environments and the initial report is good. The fish are healthy and fat and seem to be reproducing well. The final report is not in yet, nor has Joe Richard productions completed the video record. When it is completed it should be available through the website.

Additionally Lake Savers was here this past week doing the final scheduled treatments for this year. They also did a complete testing of sediment and water column phosphorus, algae concentrations and water clarity. These results will be out in a couple of weeks and then be published on the website. One noted early result was the water clarity was reading at 5.5 feet at the end of this week. You can see your toes at that number!

In Matt’s analogy, “pooper birds” eat water hyacinth like Mama’s meatballs.

The floating Islands of water hyacinths continue to grow well even if the ducks eat them like mama’s meatballs. We will be removing all the plants sometime after late September or early October and composting them at that time away from the lake.

water hyacinth, not Mama’s meatballs


The swim platform was cleaned last week but because the spinners have been missing the pooper birds are doing a disfavor to the platform. It will be moved to its winter location (not LV – that is mine) in October.
Buoys are holding up, we will need more for next year.

Large rocks have been placed in some runs and streams to filter and/or slow runoff, a few more areas are under consideration.

On a discouraging note it has been reported by numerous people, numerous times, that boating regulations are not being adhered to. Important regulations such as boating in the correct counter-clock wise direction, observing the no wake zones 100 feet from the shore or docks, ceasing skiing, wake-boarding, tubing after the light comes on, and yielding the right of way to non-powered watercraft has caused possible dangerous situations.

These practices need to be stopped before something happens. Any one observed ignoring these regulations can be cited, possibly fined or even lose your lake boating privileges. If you observe a dangerous situation you should call security and report the incident as soon as possible.

If you are unfamiliar with the lake’s boating regulations you should refer to Article XI, Article XI-A, and Article XII in your Rules and Regulations section of the lake handbook. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to these regulations.