Lake Heritage Swim Club

Contributed by Dave Diehl

The Lake Heritage Swim Club wants to keep the lake community fit and healthy. During the summer months, June, July, August, when the pool is open we host water fitness classes three times each week.


The fitness classes work on upper body and core strength, hand/eye coordination, balance and light aerobic work for a healthy heart. There are also Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) classes and individual instructions to improve swimming skills (all led by a certified instructor). ALTS classes will prepare people with no swimming abilities (and even those people who are fearful of the water) to be taught to swim at least one length of the pool.

In the fall and winter months when the pool is not open, the Lake Heritage Swim Club runs a Low Impact Dry Land fitness program to keep our residents active and healthy. Again, we work on breathing, balance, focus and hand/eye coordination along with core and upper body strength and stretching. All workouts (wet and dry) will be adapted based on comfort level and ability. Please consider joining in to improve your swimming ability, keep a healthier body and have a better quality of life.