Lake Projects

Below are brief descriptions of lake projects that are under consideration or have been approved or are headed to completion.


The lake’s infrastructure, the water itself, the dam, the spillway, and the flora and fauna, are of prime concern to the Lake Heritage Property Owners’ Association. Maintaining a healthy lake is a challenge and an expense. At the moment we are considering two proposals each of which address the interconnected issues of oxygen levels, phosphorus levels and blue green algae.

To that end, the Board of Directors invited Dr. John Holz of HAB Aquatic Solutions to speak to the Board of Directors. In broad strokes, Dr. Holz in October 2014 recommended an alum treatment to mitigate problems with phosphorus, oxygen levels and blue green algae.

The Board of Directors then invited John Tucci of Lake Savers to address the same issues. Mr. Tucci’s “solution” presented in December, 2014 was markedly different from Dr. Holz’s and advocated the use of aeration.

Both Dr. Holz’s and Mr. Tucci’s website are tremendously informative with respect to how they manage problems that are common to almost all lakes in this country. In addition to their respective website, Mr. Tucci provided the Board of Directors with a slide presentation which can be downloaded by means of the link below.

john tucci proposal 12-2014