Lake Status : January 2017 Update

Webmaster’s note
In an effort to provide more information about the status of Lake Heritage, the Webmaster has received and is publishing the Lake and Dam Committee’s January 2017 report which provides a comprehensive look at the various issues and happenings relevant to the ongoing effort to keep the lake and the quality of its water clean and safe for all members of the association.

Contributed by Ed Wargo

The Lake and Dam Committee met on January 10. Ed Wargo chaired the meeting in the absence of Chairman Matt Verdirame.

First order of business was an update on shore line cleanup. Ed Wargo reported that, with the lake draw down, a plan has been developed to clean out coves and shoreline areas. Work has begun; however, progress will undoubtedly be hampered by the unseasonably warm weather.

The committee reviewed an environmental assessment prepared by Aquatic Environmental Consultants submitted December 2016. The report included oxygen levels throughout the period March 2016 to September 2016. The report showed that at a depth of 8 meters, oxygen levels remained strong through July, but dropped drastically in August; no doubt, due to the blue-green algae bloom. At greater depths (more than 11 meters), oxygen levels were unsatisfactory starting in June. The report also included a discussion of Add to dictionary and a number of other measurable. The report provided an assessment of the fishery, indicating that the fish population was doing well.

A copy of the algae control plan was distributed for review. Ed Wargo noted that an oxygen supplement (PurOxy) will be employed in March and April. If this is sufficient to prevent an algae bloom, no further action, other than monitoring will be taken. If, however, algae do begin to grow, Chelated Copper Sulfate will be used to mitigate growth. The cheated form will be used due to the fact that it is far less toxic to other marine life. 

There was some discussion of other in-lake efforts including the use of plantings of aquatic plants and the use of dye. Ed Wargo noted that a meeting is scheduled for later this month with both John Tucci of Lake Savers and Bill Kilpatrick of Aquatic Environments to review in detail plans for restoring the lake over the Spring and Summer months.

There was considerable discussion of runoff control (from resident properties) and the re-establishment of in-lake vegetation considered to be essential to a healthy, sustainable eco environment. There was consensus that efforts should be made to pursue these efforts. It was noted that the timing of plantings with the use of chelated copper sulfate should be discussed with the lake consultants.

Keith Majeczki reported that there were a number of fish hides yet to be completed in the maintenance shop. There was some discussion that residents should be reminded that nothing should be placed in the lake without Lake and Dam Committee knowledge.

Some brief discussion of waterfowl control before adjournment.