Lake Testing/Treatment : Suspension of Guest Fees

Reported by Mike Hanson, Community Manager

Lake Conditions

There were no samples taken this week, so there is no specific update to the conditions of the lake.

We did have a report of an infection that appears to be the result of an open sore coming in contact with lake water while water skiing. And we did have two reports of the development of a rash from contact with the lake water.

Because of the disappointing and deteriorating condition of the lake, we recommend that you stay out of the water. Caution should continue to be exercised.

Lake Testing/Treatment

Both of our lake specialists will be here on Monday. Aquatic Engineers will be taking new samples for testing and results will be available next Friday. They will also be doing additional testing in conjunction with Lake Savers. Lake Savers will be here to treat the lake, especially the coves.

Suspension of Guest Fees

At the Board of Directors meeting on August 10th, the BOD voted to suspend visitor fees at the pool for the remainder of the season due to the lake conditions. Please note that the number of guests will be limited to ensure that there are sufficient lifeguards for pool safety. The limit will be five (5) guests and, as usual, the guests will have to be accompanied by the home owner. If you are planning to have more this number, contact the Pool Manager to arrange for a party.

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