Lake Treatment Plan | July 25, 2016

Contributed by Matt Verdirame – Lake and Dam Committee

Lake Savers will be on-site on Wednesday and Thursday to do the following:

Apply the Nutrizorb Fast Acting product to the entire lake.  They will increase the dose by about 50% over the last treatment.  Lake Savers will take samples before treatment and the next day to see if there is any immediate drop in Phosphorus.

It is our determination that the first treatment worked very well and shifted us back to clearer water for several weeks.  Now with some more rain and heat, the algae is picking up steam again.  This treatment is at Lake Savers cost.  If we knock the algae back again and want to go on a regular treatment schedule for August and September, at that time we can talk about costs associated. Lake Savers would just be looking to cover their product cost.

Lake Savers will clear coves where the algae has been prevalent using their blower unit and manual clean-up of debris.  We will be charged per day for this kind of work.

After speaking with several Limnology Contacts, it is our best theory that the Microcystin levels showing a high reading are because of the battle going on in the lake between our efforts and the algae.  As the algae die they release toxins to try and prevent other algal species from taking their place.  We and Lake Savers think the answer is to boost the dosage of the product we are using to get a longer and more complete impact on growth.

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