Lake Update : June, 23 2017

Reported by John Tucci and Matt Verdirame

Lake Update June 23, 2017


Lake Savers was here again this past week treating the lake and they will be back this week to continue treatments.  Nothing but good news to share from this week’s efforts.  Below is the Phosphorus Data for the lake for 2017.  The ONLY likely explanation for the reductions in both Total Phosphorus and Ortho Phosphate is the Biological Treatment Program we are implementing.


Date Total Phosphorus  Orthro Phosphorus Ideal Phosphorus
3/22/2017 0.181 0.075        .02/.01
4/28/2017 0.156 0.093        .02/.01
5/24/2017 0.123 0.053       .02/.01
6/21/2017 0.063 0.026       .02/.01


If we can continue with a reasonable rate of improvement we should get the lake close to optimal levels of Total Phosphorus and Ortho Phosphate for a healthy lake as noted on the table above.  Of course, the rate of improvement will be impacted by any new inputs into the lake.   But with the way we are dosing the inlet areas, and our new initiatives of floating plant islands, we should be able to mitigate the negative impact of new inputs.

Water clarity was 3 feet on the Secchi Disk.  This is a one-foot improvement over the measurement on June 11.  We are looking for this to continue to improve as the impact of this week’s treatment happens.

With respect to treatment, we have “doubled down” by adding another big tank to our process.  This enabled us to dose 22,100 gallons of product into the lake this week!

The interesting point to note is that the Phosphorus improvements DO NOT reflect any impact from the big treatment we did this week as we sampled before the product could make an impact.  All of our results reflect the impact of the prior treatments.  We are looking for improved numbers at the next testing.

We will treat again next week with a goal of applying a minimum of 15,000 gallons of product to the lake. We will take samples again next week.