Latest Water Sample Test : October 6, 2016

We last reported water sample test results on September 19th.  At that time the microcystin readings were 7.404 µg/L (microgram per liter) in the well mixed areas and 200.810 µg/L in the boat launch cove.  A new set of test samples was taken last week on October 6th.  Those readings were 24.866 µg/L in the well mixed areas and >5,000 µg/L for a sample taken near the dam with a particularly heavy algal growth.


There has been an increase in the amount of microcystin in the lake. The chart indicates the amount of microcystin in terms of micrograms per liter which is abbreviated as µg/L.

These high levels are most likely due to the dying algae releasing the microcystins.  You are advised not to swim in the lake nor eat fish from the lake until these levels come down.  We will do further testing next week and continue to test until the levels are at acceptable levels.