Letter From Lake Saver’s John Tucci concerning lake water

Reported by Mike Hanson, Community Manager

Hello everyone,

We are getting pictures and reports of some surface algae in the coves and shoreline areas. I wanted to let everyone know what is happening and what the plan is.

We have treated the lake three times so far. We waited about 5 weeks between the second and third treatment. We did this because of what the data showed last year where the algae was a much bigger problem very early in the season and late in the season with June and July very clear months. We are trying to develop a long term strategy that is sustainable for the lake rather than just keep treating as much as possible.

As it turns out, we probably waited one week too long. HOWEVER, I am very very certain that what you are seeing is a cosmetic problem and not a serious bloom threat. The last treatment is working to eliminate what was in the water column (which was still WAY LESS than any levels we saw in 2016) and the bright green films or blobs are the remnants of the dying cells.

Overall the lake is safe and clear based on the data we collected last week. We are monitoring with the help of Committee and Board Members. These green spots should reduce over the next week. We will be back the week of the 14th with another big treatment. If need be, we will spot treat next week.

Also, just so everyone understands that we are not “shorting” the treatments this year. The three treatments we have delivered so far amount to more than half of what we treated the lake with all of last year. This is because we are getting more efficient and can deliver more treatment in a shorter time. I think we just went a week too long between treatments. There is plenty of biological treatment in the lake to keep fighting the algae and we will be back the week of 7/14 to hit it with another big treatment.

Thank you!!
John Tucci – Lake Savers

In addition to John’s comments above, we recently had testing done for e-coli with very positive results. The test results were 65.9 col/100 ml. The standard for safe bathing is 235 col/ml.

Mike Hanson

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