LHPOA Women’s Club June Fundraiser

Contributed by Karen Reed

The Women’s Club organized a fundraiser at the local Hoss’s on June 2. Hoss’s is very generous with their commitment to the community and non-profits who want to host a one-day fundraiser. A percentage of the sales from customers who have a ticket for that date is then turned over to the non-profit. In our case, we netted $220.

Hoss’s Restaurant contributes a percentage of everyone’s tab for charitable projects sponsored by the Women’s Club. Win-win!

Women’s Club uses funds collected from this and our other fundraisers (annual plant sale, hosting the luncheon for the PSEA teacher’s retirement seminar, and the sale of Lake Heritage 50th anniversary sweatshirts and hats) to award scholarships to Lake Heritage college-bound high school graduates, make donations to local fire departments, donate to the LH fireworks fund, and help with the expense of keeping the front entrance, the calendar flowers, and the Shady Grove area looking nice. We plant flowers, weed, and, of course, decorate for the holidays.