You have reached LAKEHERITAGE.ORG/LIVE. The purpose of this page, unlinked to the rest of the site, is to bring you LHPOA associated events in streaming format. Live Streaming works but is highly dependent on our Internet connection on the site where we are shooting the event and your Internet connection. If for whatever reason, we cannot shoot the event in real time, we will broadcast at a later time as a recording. To shoot we are using a mix of software, OBS Studio, the YouTube internet service and hardware, an HP Ultrbook. All equipment and the YouTube streaming service are personally owned, open source and free of charge to the association. You do have to click on the arrow in the center of the screen to activate the stream. No login or password is required.

Schedule events for streaming:

  • Wednesday June 12, 2017 Board of Directors Regular meeting from 7 pm until approx. 8 pm.


Sorry about the image above. I use it to “brand” all of my Google/YouTube assets. If this live streaming project ever really becomes a permanent part of the association website, this image will be retired. Since nothing is being live streamed at the moment, the video will simply say off line.


Recorded media presents LHPOA related videos that have been recorded. They may be part of our permanent collection or available for a limited time.

Above is the video of the Board of Directors Regular Meeting held on Wednesday evening @ 7 pm on July 13, 2017. It was live streamed across the internet and by default recorded. You are watching a recording of what was live streamed.

Above is the recorded video Four minute Sail on Lake Heritage at Dusk. This video was never live streamed but rather typical of a short cell phone video uploaded to youtube and shared with an embed link.

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