Maintenance, Beautification, and Oversight News : February, 2019

Contributed by Ernie Clevenger and Sue Heller

Although the weather has been a hindrance to many of the lake’s outdoor projects being started and/or completed, indoor work is moving forward.

Unfortunately, the completion of the Shady Grove Rec Area has been one of the projects delayed by weather. In November, Maintenance took advantage of a small window of good weather to work on the swale and re-grading the area to address road erosion issues caused by storm-water runoff. They started to tackle these issues in 2012 by installing a buried corrugated drainage pipe system along the west side of Shady Grove. This fall they were able to complete the remaining portion of the swale on the south side of Heritage Drive. The return of inclement weather halted their work before completion. Work will start up again as soon as the ground dries out enough to handle the weight of the heavy equipment that is required for the re-grading portion of this project.

The weather has also delayed the installment of new lampposts on the south side along Heritage Drive to match the ones currently on the west side of the rec area. After the lampposts are up and the re-grading is finished, two new flowerbeds will be installed and the area mulched.

The good news is the trees that were diseased and threatening to uproot due misshapen trunks and canopies, have been removed. The remaining trees now have more room to spread out. Also, more sunlight can now reach the ground, allowing it to dry out faster and reduce the amount of mud in the area.

The weather has not delayed the installation of the new floors in the Community Center and Guardhouse.

Also, Maintenance has installed new shelving in the former snack bar area, located off of the kitchen’s back hallway, to create additional storage for clubs and janitorial supplies.

The next Maintenance Meeting is Wednesday, January 23rd in the Community Center’s small room.