Maintenance/ Beautification/Oversight Committee Report : March 2019

Contributed by Ernie Clevinger and Sue Heller

The committee met on Wednesday, February 27th at the Community Center where the following items were discussed:

• Completion of the flooring project at the gatehouse and the Community Center kitchen.
• Resealing of basketball court that will happen in conjunction with the upcoming Phase II of the road work.
• The repair of tennis court crack and fill in the open seam between shuffleboard and concrete pad. The Board approved these repairs to not exceed $3000 at their November meeting. This project will be scheduled for early spring of 2019.
• Staining four picnic tables, two are located at Paradise Cove and two at Goose Cove. Also, there are new stained picnic tables that will be placed on the Community Center’s deck in the spring.
• The touch up painting in the Community Center’s kitchen, following the installation of new floor, counter top, and roll up door, has been completed.
• Shady Grove cannons powder coat is peeling from the caisson and the wheels. The cannons have been prepped and the initial painting was finished this past fall. There is still more work to be done to them this spring.
• There are two dry hydrants located in the lake, one off of the shores of Lake View Paradise Cove. Gettysburg Fire Department is scheduled to test both dry hydrants on February 28th at 10 a.m. Adams Electric is prepared to donate kits for new hydrants if needed.
Sue Heller reported that in response to a member’s questions about emergency services at the lake during the Special Concerns portion at the last Board meeting, she has contacted Deputy Chief Bryan Waslyk of the Gettysburg Fire Department for detailed information for an upcoming newsletter article.
• The committee has selected new replacement lights at the entrance at the gate and message board. Sue Heller is getting pricing for the new lights.
• The committee is researching planting new trees and/or shrubs on the south side of Heritage Drive across from the spillway to create a natural boarder along the shared property line between the lake and the subdivision next door.
• Although putting rubber caps on the chairs and tables has greatly reduced scratching of the flooring in the main room of the Community Center, it is undetermined if it’s totally eliminated the problem. For that reason, the committee has decided to get pricing for a protective coating to be applied to the floor. Also, users of this space are now being required to use Community Center’s chairs and tables. Outside rental chairs and tables will no longer be allowed to be used in this space.
• As soon as the weather breaks, the committee will move forward with the feasibility study on enlarging the current playground at The Point to accommodate a three to four person swing set. The tire swing will be reinstalled once the cost and placement of a larger swing set is determined.
• The regrading at Shady Grove will be finished once the ground dries out.
• The pavilion updates at Goose Cove are completed. The electric meter at Paradise Cove has been installed. New soffit, siding and lighting will be installed this spring at Paradise Cove.
• Due to weather, the work to the Community Center’s seawall has been delayed.
• Work for a replacement walking bridge at lot 222 is ongoing. Arrangements are being made to pick up the steel needed for the project.
• Due to wet weather, the boat launch and cove between Meade and Longstreet were the only two areas dredged before the valve was shut. Although the Board gave approval to proceed with dredging at the north end of the lake as requested by the Lake & Dam Committee, recent snows and recent shutting of the valve prevented it from happening.
• There was discussion about inspecting swales that are holding water after heavy rains and also to contact PA Water about possibly creating a holding area at the corner of Stewart and Heritage Drive.

The next Maintenance/Beautification/Oversight Committee will be at 2 p.m. on March 27 in the small room at the Community Center. All are welcomed to attend.